Tsukuba Wanwan Land Where You Can Spend a Day with Adorable Dogs!

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  • Dogs and humans in Japan have been companions for centuries. Dogs are very popular household pets in the country too and you can see people walking their pets in Japan every day.


    Dogs are quite the adorable pets and many Japanese people would pamper their pet dogs like children and consider them as part of the family. If you are also a dog lover, then there is one place that might take your interest, the Tsukuba Wanwan Land!

    Tsukuba Wanwan Land



    The Tsukuba Wanwan Land is an amusement park for dog lovers located in Ibaraki Prefecture. At this amusement park, you can bring your own pet dog and let them run around freely at the spacious dog grounds. Or if you don’t have a pet dog for yourself, you can still come here by yourself and choose to rent out a dog from the selection they have instead.


    There are about 400 dogs at the Tsukuba Wanwan Land and representing more than 80 breeds of dogs. There are many visitors coming to this dog amusement park every year and there are also regular customers who come and visit to spend time with a particular favorite dog that they came to like.


    There are also protected dogs in Japan which are kept to preserve their original breed. There are also other kinds of dogs at this amusement park which you can also pet, like the Shiba Ken and Akita Ken, but as well as many other breeds.


    A few minutes walk away from the amusement park is a pet cemetery called Shihoen (紫峰苑) where dogs or other kinds of pets are laid to rest. In Japan, no matter how small or big a living thing is, they are believed to have a soul and are treated with the same respect.

    Dogs are one of the best companions a person or a family could ever have. If you’re unable to care for one if you’re in Japan, then the Tsukuba Wanwan Land is an ideal place for you to enjoy and get acquainted with adorable dogs.

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