Enjoy Japanese food on a budget!

  • Japanese food is famous all over the world. For example: Sushi, Tempura, Udon, curry rice, Yakitori, Okonomiyaki, Tonkastu and etc. There are many restaurants to dine at in Japan. This time I will introduce you the reasonable Japanese fast food restaurants. Do you know what a beef bowl is? If you never tried a beef bowl, you definetely must try it at least once. One restaurant that is most famous for its reasonable food is Yoshinoya.


    This restaurant was founded in 1899. It’s been serving the beef bowls for a long time. There are Yoshinoyas in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, New york and Philippines. In Japanese beef bowl is called Gyu-don.

    You can also eat Japanese curry rice and other foods. “Set menus” most of the time consist of main dish, miso-soup, rice and pickled vegetables.

    CoCo ichiban

    Japanese curry is very different from Indian curry. You can try Japanese curry in CoCo Ichibanya.

    “Curry house Coco Ichibaya” is a famous Japanese curry rice restaurant. There are is 5-step ordering system.
    Step 1: You can choose your favorite curry rice from the main menu. There are beef curry, fish curry, vegetable curry, cheese curry and etc.

    Step 2: You can choose how much rice you want with the dish.
    Step 3: You can choose how spicy you want your curry to be.

    There are levels 1 to 10. 1 being the least spicy and 10 being the most spicy. Japanese people do not order level 10 very often.
    There are also sweet and regular types. Sweet curry is good for kids and people who dislike foods that are too spicy. People normally order the regular type.

    Step 4: You can order a topping with your curry rice.(optional)
    Step 5: You can order side menu. (optional)

    If you really like spicy foods you can try level 10 curry rice here. You can also order take out curry rice and dishes from side menu.


    Tempura is a famous Japanese food. “Tempura Tendon Tenya” is a budget Tempura restaurant.

    You can order Tempura, Tendon, Udon and etc. Tendon is rice with Tempura on top of it.

    You can order your favorite tempura. You can choose from shrimp, squid, sweet potato, eggplant and so on.

    Enjoy the Japanese foods on a budget.