5 Gorgeous Japanese Beaches that will Make you Wish it was Always Summer

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  • Japan consists of more than 6,000 islands, making it difficult to choose which beaches are the most beautiful. All of the beaches listed in this article are among the most famously beautiful, and many tourists agree, with large numbers of visitors journeying to these gorgeous locations every year.

    1. Shirahama Beach


    This beach is located in Wakayama prefecture and boasts beautiful white sand. On top of that, this location is also famous for its hot springs! With a 640-meter long beach composed of bright white sand, it is one of Wakayama’s most famous attractions. There is also a beautiful Shinto shrine that stands on one side of the beach, close to the ocean. Shirahama Beach is definitely worth a visit, so you can enjoy the waves and white sandy beach.


    2. Yonaha Maehama Beach


    This beach is located on Miyako Island and is seven kilometers long. Yonaha Beach is so amazingly beautiful that it has been called the best beach in East Asia. What makes this beach an ideal spot is that it is the absence of crowds. You’ll get plenty of privacy while you relax.


    3. Kondoi Beach


    This beach is located on Taketomi island in Okinawa. Not only is this a long beach with beautiful white sand, but it also provides a great swimming experience for everyone. Another plus for travelers is that Kondoi Beach is easily accessible to tourists, with ferries going every 30 minutes from Ishigaki Island for Taketomi Island.


    4. Nishi no Hama Beach


    Nishi no Hama is located on Hateruma Island and is arguably the most popular beach there. The Hateruma part of Okinawa prefecture is well known for its many beautiful beaches. What makes Nishi no Hama stand out from the rest is the beautiful white sand combined with stunning emerald green water. The scenery is stunning and perfect for taking photos before you relax!


    5. Nirai Beach

    Another Okinawan beach because, let’s be honest, Okinawa is a beautiful tropical area! Nirai Beach is a 400-meter long beach with clean, turquoise water. What makes it a particularly interesting spot is the fact that it is the habitat of a large number of sea turtles!


    Have you already been to any of these beaches? If you haven’t yet, cool down this summer at these refreshing, picturesque locations which are very much worth the trip!

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