Soshoku Danshi: The Trending Herbivore Men of Japan

  • This new trend started around 2006 year when Japanese author Maki Fukasawa first used that term calling them Herbivore men or translated in English ” vegetarian men”. It seems that men in Japan are divided into categories and today’s highest number of young Japanese men belong to this herbivore group.


    These men are usually very fashionable and sensitive, and are not aggressive when dealing with women, they don’t earn much money and also they have their own hobbies like taking photographs, seeing nature, hanging out with friends or maybe an obsession with video games.

    Maki Fukasawa guide

    Maki Fukasawa even wrote a special book or a guide to help young women understand this new type of sensitive man. She said that these men are nice boys who don’t want hurt other people, but also like to avoid their feelings getting hurt as well.

    Opinions on the cause of this new trend

    What is the cause of this new trend? Of course, each person is different and people have varying opinions which cannot be applied to every single, young herbivore man in Japan today.

    However, I will write a few opinions and potential causes that are most common:

    • herbivore men are a product of the economy because instead of wanting to get married and having kids, they would rather spend their money on trips, cosmetics, and fashion.
    • they are the product of changing roles between men and women as women today have become more independent which may scare a herbivore man.

    I think that individuality is the main reason for this trend, of course, people can judge and think poorly of this. However, the fact is that the world is changing, especially in high developed countries like Japan. Some people may think that herbivore men are against the role that society puts on men in Japan – like expecting to work long hours and supporting their wives – these men obviously are against that tradition.

    Women in Japan are also changing and some of them are attracted to these men and some not. Many women may like men who can support them with good salaries and is enough to support a family. Many young men in Japan may not earn as much so this may also be one of the reasons why men are opting from women.

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