Japanese Government Steps up Measures Against Terrorism

  • The fear of terrorism has been increasing nowadays and Japan, being considered as the safest country in the world, has also stepped up on improving its security. Special attention is given to its upcoming 2020 Tokyo Games. Following the deadly Paris attack in November 2015, Olympic Prime Minister Toshiaki Endo made public safety the top priority.

    Terror Threat


    Organised acts of terrorism carried out against civilians are extremely rare in Japan, but incidents have occurred in the past. There used to be a Japanese doomsday cult named Aum Shinrikyo, they carried out an attack using nerve gas in the very crowded Tokyo subway in 1995. Its members set off the poisonous gas sarin in the subway killing 13 people and sickening thousands of commuters.

    This is considered the most shocking domestic terrorist attack to date in Japan. Peace and order followed soon after, but with the recent happenings public security is more difficult to guarantee. Japan is continuously being viewed as the safest country in the world, but with the attacks on the French capital it seems like terrorism is spreading throughout countries around the world. Due to the possibility that Japan could also become a target, especially during the 2020 Tokyo Games, cyber-security and anti-terror measures are being reconsidered.

    Security Measures


    Apart from the Olympics, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga also reiterated Prime Minister Abe’s determination of tightening security during the upcoming 2019 Rubgy World Cup, and next year’s G7 Summit in Shima City, Mie Prefecture. The need for more anti-terror measures is so urgent that the government has already been gathering information on possible terror threats, and are now initiating the necessary steps to increase the country border’s protection. They will be gathering and analyzing information regarding terrorism, beefing up security at ports, airports and other significant facilities, organising anti-terrorism training and deploying the necessary equipment.

    With the upcoming big sports event, the terror incidents will serve as an extra incentive on strengthening Japan’s defences. So apart from the exercise of common sense and vigilance, there is no need to worry too much if you’re planning your vacation in Japan. The country is doing its best to ensure the best possible counter-terrorism measures!

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