Did AKB48’s Kashiwagi Yuki Marry a Robot?

  • Well, sort of…It was actually a robot version of Yuki Kashiwagi from AKB48 who married another robot named Frois. The robot made in the image of Yuki was named Yukirin.

    The Yukirin Robot


    The Yukirin robot was developed by an enthusiastic fan and artist, Takayuki Todo who made the robot for his graduation project. The robot could move its head and eyes but could not talk. However, it could make eye contact with people due to the Xbox Kinetic sensor located in its chest.

    As for Frois, the groom robot was made by the Japanese company Maywa Denkin which also organized the robot wedding. The company was known to make quirky machines and music gadgets. In fact, Frois’ head was actually inspired by the design of Japanese bath stools.

    Robot Wedding


    The marriage took place on the 27th of June, 2015 at Aoyama Cay, Tokyo. It was the first wedding between robots in Japan. Yukirin’s name was changed to Roborin for the occasion. The name change was speculated to be a result of copyright issues or to prevent obsessed fans of Yuki Kashiwagi from getting mad and disappointed at the wedding. The wedding was attended by 100 guests who paid 10,000 yen (about USD 80) each. Frois extended his silver, metal mouth in an attempt to kiss his bride, Roborin. The mouth could not reach Roborin, so a man had to help Frois to bring his mouth to touch Roborin’s lips.

    They were also a few robot friends of Frois that attended the wedding and performed a dance to entertain the guests. The officiator of the wedding was, appropriately, a robot named Pepper that can detect emotions. Pepper was co-developed by the Japanese telecom company, Softbank.


    What could possibly be the next strange wedding? Perhaps a marriage between video game consoles? Let your imagination run wild before Japan surprises you!

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