Visit Shibuya Modi For a Taste of Modern Fashion!

  • Tokyo is considered as one of the global fashion capital cities in the world. Many of you will notice how both men and women in Tokyo love to dress well. And of course, there are some places that immediately spring to mind when talking about fashion here.

    There are the areas of Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Ginza, Roppongi and a few others. But among these places, Shibuya ranks high for the younger generation both male and female because of two things: affordability and style. So when you’re looking for places to shop in Shibuya, your go-to places are usually Shibuya 109, Shibuya Parco, Mark City or Marui City. Sadly the last place mentioned, Marui City, is no more. If you’ve been a fan of this store it’s time to let go, as Marui City has said goodbye. But don’t worry, because there’s a newly opened alternative that you just might love more!


    Shibuya MODI


    The old Marui City Shibuya has now been transformed into Shibuya Modi! For those of you who have been out of Japan for the past few months, the Marui City closed down in April 2015 to give way to the department store’s new fashion store. The stores’ new concept revolves around connections and curiosity. What can you find in the new Shibuya Modi?

    Still 10 storeys high just like its previous occupant, a number of new tenants have taken their place in the new department store. The majority of the miscellaneous goods and apparel is still located on the 1st to 4th floor. Gelato Pique and the popular Pie Face are on the 1st floor. Ladies fashion brand Lily Brown and Mila Owen are on the 2nd. Ne-net is located on the 3rd floor. On the 4th floor, a new Kimono Shop named THE YARD has set up shop, along with Merci Beaucoup and Haruta.

    Modern Department Store


    From the 5th to 7th floor, you will find the expansion of the HMV & Books. On the 5th floor, there is a cafe named Cafe Stand Akarimado, it has a borderless design. Here you can enjoy reading the book you’ve purchased, or listen to music while grabbing a bite. Located on the 8th floor of the building is Karaoke Rainbow and also a Live Studio, where groups or bands can come to practice.


    Marui City has completely modernised in order to become Shibuya Modi. The concept of the store itself is very different from before. But one thing is for sure: people will very much enjoy coming here to shop, dine or just even look around. Make sure you stop by Shibuya MODI when you’re in the area, and see the changes and upgrades for yourself!

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