Tamagotchi: Your Favorite Childhood Game Has Become Modern!

  • I am one of those who lived through the 90s generation when ‘Tamagotchi’ was born. “This is my Tamagotchi, and his name is Mario!” I still remember the day I asked my father to buy me a tiny digital pet from Japan, which all of my friends were crazy about it. We could feed our innovative pets, play with them and watch them grow like a baby. Though it has been more than a decade since the first day I was introduced to this cute little toy, I have lived through the generations that Tamagotchi has been developed.

    The Variety of Tamagotchi

    The first Tamagotchi was only made in black and white version, but now everything seems to be different. As the time goes by, Bandai (a Japanese video game company) has improved the Tamagotchi to be a modern gadget and offered more designs to the buyers. Not only in Japan, but it has widespread all around the world. I bought mine from Japan, Thailand, and also America. However, my US version was Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Quite a different type!


    Nowadays, Tamagotchi is available in many screen colours, not just plain black and white. Also, the characters are made in different species which the users are able to choose from! Especially, they can create the Tamagotchi’s family by Bluetooth with other users who use the same version.

    Android Version


    The Tamagotchi is now available to purchase at an affordable price in Google Play Store. I have downloaded and enjoyed it so far! The mobile version’s created similar to the very first Tamagotchi I had 10 years ago. Besides, we can raise our pets in several forms too!


    Although, there are a lot of Tamagotchi we can buy at the stores, however, I still prefer the black and white version which reminds me of my childhood.

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