SEKAI NO OWARI, Japanese Masters of EDM

  • Are you into synthesized music? Or perhaps, you know the likes of the musician, Owl City? Then, let’s get to know about SEKAI NO OWARI! SEKAI NO OWARI literally means “end of the world”.

    The group consists of four members namely Nakajin (Leader, Sound Producer, Guitar), Fukase (Conceptor and Vocals), Saori (Piano, Stage Producer) and DJ LOVE (DJ, Sound Selection). SEKAI NO OWARI is the leader of electronic dance music!

    SEKAI NO OWARI’s humble beginnings

    According to SEKAI NO OWARI’s Fukase, he named the band as such since he needed to create an asset for them along with their motto “Once you’ve experienced the bottom, you have to find a way to go up.”As such, they first started as an indie group in 2007 having only 15 people as an audience. To further spread their music and reach out to their fans, they released their first self-titled demo with only 1,000 limited copies. With their booming popularity in 2010, SEKAI NO OWARI got to perform in the prestigious Nippon Budokan with their tickets sold out! In 2013 and 2014, they already reached mainstream popularity in Japan. The group managed to produce a magical concert bringing 60,000 people in three days! In 2014, they were honored to work with Owl City producing a song entitled “TOKYO”.

    SEKAI NO OWARI’s discography

    As of the moment, SEKAI NO OWARI already released three albums! Their first album, Earth, was released on April 7, 2010. While, the second album entitled “Entertainment” was released on July 18, 2012. Their third and latest album, “Tree”, was recently released on January 14, 2015.

    SEKAI NO OWARI’s current activities

    Just recently, SEKAI NO OWARI worked with the cast and crew of ATTACK ON TITAN by producing the theme songs. The first theme was “ANTI-HERO” while the second theme was “SOS”. You can listen to the two songs through their official Soundcloud account.

    Personal thoughts of the band, SEKAI NO OWARI

    When I first heard of their song, Dragon Night, I immediately liked it since I’m into electronic dance music too! Through my curiosity, I checked out their music videos on their Youtube channel. Aside from their music, their videos also focus on the production too. The music video for Dragon Night is great! I hope I can attend their future concerts too in Japan and I hope they also visit the Philippines!

    To know more about them, don’t forget to check their
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