Never Let Me Go the Japanese Drama Version to Air in 2016!

  • It was recently announced that popular actor of ATTACK ON TITAN, Miura Haruma, was casted alongside Ayase Haruka and Mizukawa Asami for the TV drama adaptation of “Watashi wo Hanasanaide” or “Never Let Me Go”. The TV drama adaptation will be based on the novel with the same title by the well-known British-Japanese writer, Kazuo Ishiguro. It will start airing in January 2016 every Friday at 10 pm JST on TBS.

    The Story

    As noted by, “Never Let Me Go” was already adapted into a Hollywood movie starring Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield in late 2010. In 2011, it was then adapted into a stage play starring Tabe Mikako. From the United Kingdom to Japan, here comes the Japanese drama adaptation of Never Let Me Go. The drama version will revolve around three characters named Kyoko, Tomohiko and Miwa. Kyoko, a trustworthy woman, will be played by Ayase Haruka. Apart from Kyoko, a clumsy Tomohiko will be played by Miura Haruma, while a passionate Miwa will be played by Mizukawa Asami. These three characters grew up in isolation. They will explore the meaning of life. With that said, this drama adaptation will be a mix of drama, romance and suspense.

    Actors’ Comments

    Rough translations of the main actors’ comments from TBS:

    Miura Haruma’s comment

    “When I read the novel, it had me thinking that there’s always a desire to live. Moreover, that desire is vivid and lovely. I want to work in mutual support with the cast and staff of this drama. Through this work, I should endure trivial and questionable matters. And, may I find joy and learn to live once again.”

    Ayase Haruka’s comment

    “I read “Watashi wo Hanasanaide”. Although it hit me gently, I also felt shocked. It’s a story about a challenge of fate and destiny of the three main characters. I’m looking forward to playing Kyoko. With the help of the staff and cast, I want this to be a worthwhile project. Please do watch it next year.”

    Mizukawa Asami’s comment

    “I read the script. When I heard that it’s a tragic story, my heart felt heavy. But, when you’re caught up with cruelty, it is both brilliant and lovely that meets the eye. With the good and bad things the future may bring, the substance is still precious. I think this drama applies to our current era. ‘Never Let Me Go’ has important themes, which are not only beautiful but precious things about life. I want you to watch this drama very carefully so it reaches your heart.”

    Personal thoughts on the drama adaptation

    I haven’t read the novel, but I think I must see the Hollywood adaptation first before watching the drama. Moreover, I’m happy with Miura Haruma acting as the main character together with Ayase Haruka and Mizukawa Asami, I think this will be a good adaptation. I’ve also read that Tabe Mikako starred in the stage play adaptation. I bet fans of both Miura Haruma and Tabe Mikako would be very happy if Tabe also starred in it!

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