Popular Japanese Actress and Model Kiritani Mirei Joins Instagram

  • Popular Japanese actress and model, Kiritani Mirei (桐谷美玲), finally joined the Instagram world! She updated her blog on November 19 with the entry “I opened an Instagram account!” Her Instagram username is “mirei_kiritani_” Her first ever photo is a picture of her smiling while eating gyoza! She gained almost 50,000 followers in just five days! What’s more, a fan offered her congratulations for finally opening an Instagram account. It was also announced on the same day that she would be starring in a TV Asahi drama, “Sumika Sumire”. It will start airing next year every Friday at 11:15 pm JST.

    Let’s get to know more about Kiritani Mirei!

    Kiritani Mirei is an actress, model and news anchor from Chiba. Mirei already appeared in numerous Japanese dramas, commercials, films and magazines so you could easily get familiar with her. She recently just acted as the main character, Kiira, for the film Koisuru Vampire. You may have seen her in Kimi ni Todoke, Usagi Drop and Arakawa Under the Bridge. She also anchors for the news program, News Zero. She had a stint as a J-Pop talent having released one single, “Sweet&Bitter”. On top of that, she was an exclusive model for the popular magazine, Seventeen, from April 2006 to December 2011 and for Non-no from March 2012 until June 2015.

    Personal thoughts about Kiritani Mirei

    She’s one of my favorite actresses in Japan. I first watched her from the film “Runway Beat”. I also loved her in “Kimi ni Todoke”. I have yet to see her past projects to know if she’s really an established actress. Aside from being an actress, she’s also a model. I’ve seen her in some Japanese magazines that I bought and I must say she’s a goddess! From now on, I’ll look forward to her future projects.

    In addition her Instagram account, don’t forget to also check out her:

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