Celebrate Perfume’s 10 Year Anniversary with Their New CD!

  • Perfume, which was formed in year 2005 and one of Japan’s techno pop act, had another milestone! Perfume is set to release a concert DVD and Bluray, entitled『Perfume Anniversary 10days 2015 PPPPPPPPPP「LIVE 3:5:6:9」』on January 13 next year!

    The concert DVD and Bluray will feature their 10 days of celebration for their 10th debut anniversary. It was a live concert for fanclub members only. Furthermore, it is a collection of deep friendship between the members of Perfume. What’s more, they had a one man live in Nippon Budokan and in the Hiroshima Green Arena!

    Perfume Anniversary 10days 2015 PPPPPPPPPP「LIVE 3:5:6:9」

    There will be four versions of the said DVD and Bluray with a bonus poster! While, we also have a deluxe photo booklet for the limited editions.

    Limited – 7,020 yen (tax in)
    Regular – 4,320 yen (tax in)

    Limited – 8,100 yen (tax in)
    Regular – 5,400 yen (tax in)

    Limited edition


    Regular Edition



    [DISC 1]
    ‪FAKE IT‬
    コンピューターシティ(Computer City)
    Pick Me Up
    レーザービーム (Laser Beam)
    未来のミュージアム (Mirai no Museum)
    Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow
    彼氏募集中 (Kareshi Boshuuchuu)
    Party Maker
    Dream Fighter
    「P.T.A.」のコーナー (PTA Corner)
    ワンルーム・ディスコ (One Room Disco)
    チョコレイト・ディスコ (Chocolate Disco)
    Puppy love


    [DISC 2]
    Anniversary 10 days Digest Press conference
    PTA Summit
    3rd Dance Festival Contest

    Let’s get to know more about Perfume!

    If you’re into electronic dance music and J-Pop, you might have heard about Perfume. Perfume is one of Japan’s techno pop unit. Their music is produced by CAPSULE’s Yasutaka Nakata, the same music producer for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Perfume is celebrating their 10th year debut anniversary this year. As such, they will release the DVD/Bluray for what happened during those 10 days of countdown to September 21, their debut anniversary. All the events concerning Perfume’s commemoration were able to gather 85,000 people in 10 days!

    Just recently, they released their latest single, STAR TRAIN, last October 28! It’s the theme of their documentary for their 3rd world tour. On December 1, Perfume will again appear in Act Against Aids, which is organized by their sempai (senior), Kishitani Goro. Our three lovely ladies will also participate in “Chatmonchy’s Tokushima Kona Sonson Fest 2016” on February 28 next year! You may purchase tickets from this site. The management will also conduct a lottery for PTA members.

    For more information about Perfume, don’t forget to check out their:
    Perfume Official Website
    Perfume Official Facebook page

    Perfume Official Website
    Oricon Website

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