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  • As what I have reported before, a live-action film was planned for the popular manga ‘Terra Formars”. Filming started last August in Iceland. Takashi Miike (Crows Zero, Thirteen Assassins, Ai to Makoto, As the God’s Will) is directing the movie version and it is based on the hit manga with the same title by Kenichi Tachibana. The manga was a hit in Japan selling almost 1.3 million copies. The production just released character visuals, a new teaser trailer and a poster. It will start screening on April 29, 2016 in Japan during the Golden Week.

    But first, what is exactly the meaning of the word “terraforming”?
    Character Visuals

    According to Wikipedia, ‘terraforming’ literally means ‘earth-shaping’ of a planet, moon, or other kinds of body in the universe so it could be habitable. It is simply modifying the atmosphere, temperature and topography to be similar and livable like Earth.

    TERRA FORMARS Synopsis

    It is currently year 2599. There is a growing gap between the rich and poor. The Earth also reached its breaking point due to overpopulation. To look for the next migration destination, an organism was sent to ‘terraforming’ Mars. However, the task developed something inescapable; the organism created mutant life forms. With that said, a group of fifteen Japanese unknowing people were sent to exterminate the mutants. In spite of that, something tragic happens when they finally landed there. Watch the teaser trailer here:

    Personal thoughts on TERRA FORMARS
    Takei Emi as Akita Nanao

    I haven’t read the manga but I’m so much looking forward to the live-action version because of my favorite actress, Takei Emi. I’ll make sure to read the manga and watch the anime first before checking out the live-action version. However, as you can see in the trailer in the last few seconds, they killed Takei Emi’s character. I hope she still gets a good amount of screentime though!

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