Popular Foreign Songs Made Famous in Japan with Catchy Covers

  • Japanese songs are creative and amazing, but occasionally songs by other countries are noticed and covered by Japanese artists as well! Since there are already tons of English songs covered by Japanese artists, this list only provides song covers of languages other than English.

    Thai songs

    “Cha Cha Sing” by Berryz Kobo (Berryz工房)

    “Cha Cha Sing” is a cover of the famous Thai song “Row Mah Sing” which was originally sung by Thongchai McIntyre who is also known as Bird Thongchai, Phi Bird, or Bird. It is a smart move for Berryz Koubou to cover this song because their “Cha Cha Sing” video is their most highly viewed music video on Youtube!

    Loving You Too Much by Berryz Kobo

    This is yet another cover of Bird Thongchai’s song, “Too Much So Much Very Much”. With two covers of Thai songs, Berryz Koubou gained more recognition in Thailand!

    Korean song

    “I Believe” by May J. feat V.I (Seungri from Big Bang)

    This is a cover of the theme song of the highly successful comedy film, My Sassy Girl. “I Believe” is originally sung by Shin Seung-hun.

    German song

    “Dschinghis Khan” by Berryz Kobo

    It is a cover for the song “Dschinghis Khan” by the German pop band Dschinghis Khan. This Japanese cover does not include lyrics pertaining to war, rape and alcohol which appeared in the original German lyrics. This cover by Berryz Koubou is their second highest selling single.

    French song

    “Hymne à l’amour” (Ai no Anthem) by Utada Hikaru (宇多田ヒカル)

    “Hymne à l’amour” means ‘hymn to love’ which is a well-known French song originally sung by Édith Piaf. It was covered by Fubuki Koshiji in 1951 with the title “Ai no Sanka”. Further Japanese renditions use the title “Ai no Sanka” but Utada uses the original French title for her cover.

    Filipino song

    “Anak” (Musuko) by Jiro Sugita (杉田二郎)

    “Anak” is a Tagalog song by Freddie Aguilar which became an international hit. It was translated into many languages including Japanese.

    I am sure you would be proud if popular Japanese artists covered songs from your country. However, I am a little disappointed that I could not find a Japanese version of any Malaysian songs. Maybe a Japanese artist may read this and get the hint!

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