What to Buy in Nagoya in 2019: 40 Souvenirs Bursting with Rich Tradition and Flavor

  • Don’t know what to buy in Nagoya? There is definitely more to the largest city of the Chubu region than just chicken wings (tebasaki) or Toyota Factory.

    We will help you taste and bring a little piece of Nagoya home through this list of 30 items you shouldn’t miss out on!

    1. Bushotai goods

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    After you get a glimpse of the performance troupe Bushotai at Nagoya Castle, be sure to pick up some goods at the gift shop! There are also posters, towels, and other memorabilia!

    Nagoya Castle Website

    2. Kinshachi goods (Nagoya Castle souvenir shop)

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    Another souvenir you can get at the Nagoya Castle souvenir shop are kinshachi goods. They are beautiful golden replicas of the orcas on top of the castle roof.

    Nagoya Castle Website

    3. Shippo (cloisonne)

    Ando Cloisonne, a famous and historical enamelware shop in Nagoya. You can find unique designs on small accessories or even flower vases.

    4. Arimatsu shibori (tie-dyed fabric)

    This very traditional tie-dyed silk fabric was originally meant for kimono, but is now also made into many other items. Many shops are actually located on the main street of Arimatsu, which has made the area into one that is especially known for Arimatsu shibori.

    Arimatsu Shibori Museum

    5. Kishimen (flat noodle)

    The most famous type of noodle in Nagoya is the flat and broad type. The broth that goes along with it is actually a mix of Kanto and Kansai flavorings. When you are in Nagoya, make sure to eat up the deliciously sweet and healthy kishimen!

    6. Kishimen pie

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    A light and crispy snack, kishimen pie is modeled after Nagoya’s famous flat noodles. You can taste a soft sweetness which even emanates from the package.

    7. Aoyagiuiro (uiro mochi)

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    One of Nagoya’s most famous snacks to buy as souvenirs, these rice dumplings come in many different colors such as green and pink. Fall in love with their soft sweetness.

    Aoyagiuirou Website

    8. Frog manju

    How can you take a bite from the cutest smiling frog face ever? Well, only if you really want to…the sweet bean jam filled bun is just a darling!

    Nagoya Maruei

    9. Moriguchi pickles

    These pickles are soaked and preserved in the leaves of mirin sweet sake, so the taste of pickles is very rich, and literally steeped in this traditional taste. Also, the pickles look pretty unique so it could make an unique gift!

    10. Kiyome mochi

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    Maybe this is a typical souvenir of Nagoya, but what’s typical is also popular, so you definitely cannot miss out on it! The outer mochi is super-silky soft and filled with red beans from Hokkaido. Mm so deliriously tasty!

    11. Dainagon sponge cake

    Love azuki red beans? Love sponge cake? Dainagon Sponge cake is the perfect blend of all things you crave for!

    12. Namo senbei (with Nagoya dialect)

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    Not your typical senbei, these are cat-face shaped crackers with a special added treat! Little sayings with the local dialect are actually written on the package, so you can brush up on your Japanese and impress the locals in no time!

    13. Ogura toast Rangudosha Cookie

    Fashioned after the famous Ogura red-bean toast, these biscuit sandwich cookies are just as yummy and designed just as nicely.

    14. Sasaragata

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    Colorful and cute from the package to the product, sasaragata are thick jelly desserts made of bean paste, sugar, and have a nice bouncy texture when you bite into it. The typical flavors are matcha, brown sugar, red bean and even yuzu.


    15. Owarikomachi

    These red bean paste filled Japanese pies are recommended as a typically enjoyable souvenir to be eaten fresh.

    16. Sennari

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    Slightly similar to a dorayaki but smaller and flatter, the moist and fluffy snack is usually filled with red bean or matcha green tea. Great to give away but remember to hoard some for yourself!


    17. Nagoya Honey Madeleine Cookie

    Are sweet Madeleine cookies your fancy? Then you will enjoy an even sweeter version with these honey-added cookies!

    18. Ganso Shachi (whale-shaped) Monaka

    First made in 1921, these whale shaped monaka snacks have a long history, which ensures the best-tasting red-bean flavor you might ever have.

    Shachi Monaka Store

    19. Nagoya cochin Nameraka pudding

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    A pudding that is so smooth it just melts lazily onto your tongue, you can feel as if you’re on clouds as you have a taste!

    Omiyage Parke

    20. Green tea chocolates

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    Although it may sound strange at first, actually the blend of bitter green tea and chocolate is absolutely to die for! You have got to try at least once in your life!

    Okashijo Yamanaka

    21. Nagoya Furansu (Rusk)

    We recommend buying rusks, a very traditional dry cookie snack, from various areas and comparing them by taste. However, we are sure you will enjoy the light crispy tastiness of Nagoya Furansu Rusk!

    22. Shachinagon

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    A cake with orange and lemon peels blended inside, the flavor is slightly tangy but fluffy and probably something you’ve not experienced before. A must try!

    23. Zoo, Animal Manju

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    Too cute to resist, recently these sweet bean jam filled buns shaped like animals have gradually become popular. Show and tell with your friends when you bring this kawaii zoo home to your sweet-tooth friends.

    Namikoshiken Store

    24. Nagoya margarine (red bean and margarine)

    Warning. This is not your average margarine or butter. In fact it’s ten times better because it is an unexpected mix of red bean and margarine, creating a sweeter than average buttery flavor. You can buy it in many service areas if you take a car or a bus.

    Nagoya France

    25. Bite-size Mizu-uiro

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    Mizu-uiro are only sold seasonally between April and August, but there is a great variety of flavors such as matcha, mango, and peach! If you refrigerate them for about an hour apparently they taste even better!

    Mochibun Honten

    26. Tebasaki Senbei

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    Nagoya’s favorite chicken wings have been transformed into rice crackers! Savor the great chicken taste crunch by crunch.


    27. Chez Shibata sweets

    Chez Shibata is famous for their artistically refined sweets and cakes, and even though there are branches in Hong Kong and Shanghai, you can only find them in Nagoya or Gifu within Japan. Very special and limited indeed.

    Chez Shibata

    28. Osu Uiro

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    The multiple colored jelly snacks come in 3 colors but each type is actually made up of two or three ingredients such as matcha or chestnut and red-bean. You can experience a burst of flavors as you chew through the goodness.

    Osu Uiro

    29. Umiya Tebasaki soy sauce flavor

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    Ready-made chicken wings in a package? It may sound untasty but actually the soy sauce flavor goes well with beer and even just on plain rice!


    30. Nagoya jo (girl)

    Named after the beautiful women of Nagoya, this baked snack exudes with the flavors of nuts and white chocolate. It’s bound to be a widely adored snack by many women, as well as men!

    31. Miso oden

    As 60% of special miso flavoring is used, the actual oden flavor is slightly sweet and spicy. Even the after-taste is so good! Take it home to share with friends and family!

    Maruya Hatcho Miso

    32. Shrimp flavored Rice Crackers

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    This is a very popular souvenir and the shrimp flavor is not too light but just strong enough to give you a pleasant aftertaste. There is even a special gold version of the box it comes in! It makes for a very elegant, expensive looking present.

    33. Oni manju rice cake

    This sweet potato dessert is the most popular main item at Baikado, although you can find oni manju rice cake here and there. The natural flavoring and the interesting cubic shapes make it a big hit!


    34. Nagoyan

    Similar to a castella but filled with egg yolk paste, this baked sweet is not too sweet but has a very gentle taste. Even children can appreciate this iconic snack!


    35. Kinshachi Akamiso Beer

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    The combination of malt and bean miso in a beer seems quite unique but once you have a sip you won’t regret it. If you like low malt beer this is for you!


    36. Nakamo Miso Sauce

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    With an old-fashioned familiar flavor many Nagoya locals love, you won’t go wrong with buying a tube of this miso! Put it on your rice, meat, veggies, anything! So addictive!


    37. Anpusankira mochi

    The chewy texture and melt in your mouth quality of these mochi is what sets Anpusankira mochi out from other kinds of sweets.


    38. Tokoname ware

    This type of pottery was common during the 12th century Heian era so if you can get your hands on a few plates or bowls, you will be able to bring a piece of Japanese history back with you!

    39. Seto Sometsuke ware

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    Mostly blue and white in color, and carefully adorned with designs of landscapes, birds, and flowers, this type of ceramics were mainly produced in the Seto area.

    40. Yamamotoya Udon

    A little too hard in texture for some, actually Yamamotoya Udon is meant to go perfectly with miso and other sauces! But most of the common opinion is that the udon is delicious, so give it to your fellow udon lovers as a souvenir.



    Although Nagoya is not as popular with tourists compared to the flashy lights of Shinjuku or the calm traditional atmosphere you can experience in Kyoto, you can find unexpected local shops and experience exquisite tastes within the unique food culture of Nagoya! So don’t miss out and be sure to make a stop here!

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