Why Nagoya? Why Not!

  • When traveling somewhere, people will usually choose the famous touristic cities / places. They will go to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, then Hokkaido when they visit Japan. This is not a surprise as those cities offer various places to visit, as well as beauty, comfort, and shopping.

    But to give you more information that not really available in most travel books, some less famous cities like Nagoya are, in fact, really worth visiting. Nagoya that is located in Central Japan is one of the nice cities to stop by in your itinerary from Tokyo to Kyoto or Osaka, or vice versa. Stop there for one or two days, and you will have an even better experience during your stay in Japan. In addition, since this city is not as big and crowded as Tokyo and Osaka, travelling around this city is more convenient.

    These are some interesting places that make Nagoya really worth visiting.

    1. Nagoya Castle

    Maybe you visited Osaka castle and any other castles in Japan. But here I want to tell you that Nagoya castle is the one that you really have to visit. The castle is a very nice spot when spring season with its cherry blossoms comes.


    2. Nagoya City Science Museum & Planetarium

    A big, complete and educational science museum with its globe-like architecture. This museum is good to visit when you bring your kids with you. Some experiments are shown, from mini tornado until deep freezing lab. Also don’t miss the planetarium showings, but make sure that you know the schedule.


    3. Osu Street and Osu Kannon Temple

    It provides you with various things to see and buy from electronics, foods, until clothes and accessories. The priced in this place are affordable compared to the stuff sold in the shopping malls. While you are walking around, you can grab some delicious snacks like Turkish Kebab, Okonomiyaki, or make a stop to eat some Brazilian food. Don’t forget to stop at Osu Kannon Temple.


    4. Nagoya TV Tower and Oasis 21

    It’s located in the city center. It’s better to visit this place at night. Go to the top of the tower to hav a bird eye view of Nagoya, and visit Oasis 21 while enjoying Nagoya at night. This place is surrounded with shopping malls, so you can visit them as well.


    5. Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

    Who doesn’t know Toyota? Millions of people on the planet own it. Nagoya is the home of Toyota, the manufacturing factories and Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology are here. So when you come to Nagoya, it is recommended to visit this museum. This huge museum will provide you with tons of exhibitions and the history of Toyota as well as machinery demonstration.


    6. Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

    An amazing public aquarium where you can see whales, dolphins, penguins, and other sea mammals! Some animals also have shows. There is a ticket that includes Antarctic ship and the port observatory with maritime museum. Seafood restaurants are available around.


    At the end

    So, don’t forget to put Nagoya in your itinerary and enjoy the trip!