Make it shine on a rainy day with Teru-Teru Bozu!

  • When you were a child, you had outdoor school trips. When you were in high school, you’d go shopping with your friends. If you have a child now, you probably often take him or her outside to play or for a walk.

    But what did you do when the weather forecast would say it was going to rain on the day you were expecting some fun events? It COULD be sunny if you made a “teru teru bozu” for making your wish come true.

    It is a paper doll that children make with a strong hope for a sunny day. Some kids who desire to go out under the perfect sky make as many of them as they can. Kindergarten/elementary school teachers often offer their students to make it in a class the day before they have an outdoor activity planned.

    As you can see the above picture, its body structure is very simple. First, you prepare some tissue paper, and crumple it into a ball.

    Then your wrap it up with another piece of tissue, and leave a half of the tissue for its body like a frilled skirt.

    Finally you can draw its face!

    Then, let’s hang it outside the window so that it can bring you the sun!

    This teru teru bozu is considered to be a superstition, but I used to feel like making it when I was excited about an upcoming outdoor events. “Teru” means the clearing of the sky, and “bozu” is a boy.
    Its English name vould be “sunny sunny boy”. The rule for making it depends on a region and culture. Some people don’t draw its face until they see a sunny day actually came, or some say it is going to rain if you put it upside down.

    Why don’t you try it once when you really need the day to be sunn for some special occasion? Or maybe… postpone the event just in case?