It’s Worth paying to touch adorable cats over coffee

  • Do you love cats? The author is more a dog person. However, some of you cat persons can’t have your own cats for various reasons. Maybe your family has an allergy to them, you are living in a rental apartment, and so far so forth.

    But don’t let it get you down! You have “cat cafe” to see tons of cutie cats. This is literally “cat cafe” which allows you to spend your time with cats over coffee. So let’s see how it is like!

    Cat cafe 1

    This cat cafe culture has been famous for years, and loved by men and women of all ages. The number of stores is considered approximately 200 in Japan. You need to pay entrance fee first, and you can wander around inside to play with them after ordering some light meal or drinks.

    Temari no ouchi (Kichijoji)

    Here are some recommended cat cafe. First one is located in Kichijoji area (West Tokyo).

    The inside is perfectly decorated and it looks like something out of a fairy tale. I, the author, have been once and was amazed by everything there. If you have an opportunity to go there, make sure you reserve the seat first! Otherwise you would be in line for ever.

    Japanese notation:てまりのおうち
    Website URL ※Japanese only

    Cat tail (Shinsaibashi)

    Next one is in Osaka, the West part of Japan. The best part of this cat cafe is that they sit and sleep on guest’s lap! It would be such a sweet time for every single cat person.

    Website URL ※Japanese only

    At the end

    Most of cat cafe have some rule that you have to follow. For instance, you are not supposed to gather them. This is because it can make them annoyed and hate being with human beings. Guests need to be careful to let them feel comfortable.

    And some stores limit the time of guest’s staying. 90 minutes, 120 minutes… something like this. The one I have been once didn’t have time limit so I stayed for hours!

    Even if you love cats and can’t live with them, no worries! It is worth paying 1000 yen to spend your time with those adorable cats.

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