Vending Machines Evolution in Japan

  • In Japan,they have the most convenient, strangest and accessible vending machines that is considered highly visible and can be found in the streets everywhere or in schools, offices, companies and gasoline stations. The positive view for japanese people leads to inseparable feeling that vending machines are like robots, and doing chores to satisfy basic human needs. When you’re wandering around tokyo you get to see some strange vending machines like vegetables, eggs,bananas, hamburgers and a lot more or might as well choose from either hot/cold on teas, juices, coffee.

    The very first vending machine that sold out many years ago and still existing nowadays, is tobacco. However, as years and decades passed by, crazy ideas come out. Evolution takes place, and since Japan makes the life of the people living in, more easier and convenient they are selling unusual stuffs on vending machines.
    This schoolgirl panty vending machine can be found inside a sex toy shop.

    Chef’s farm

    The lettuce growing on flourescent bulbs vending machine that is commonly called the chef’s farm. The main target on this idea are restaurants seeking locally manufactured product that is readily available.


    There are 5.5 millions of vending machines all over Japan, that is considered alot compare to different countries which sold obviously on drinks and sodas. Apart from that, by regulating the anti smoking act in Japan,buyer’s could apply what we called “taspo card”, this is to verify one’s age or might as well find a machines that recognizes age, stood closer and it automatically reads by identifying wrinkles and facial features.

    Face recognition system

    Unable to decide what to buy when you’re standing infront of a vending machine in a cold morning? Here’s the latest trend nowadays, particular on railway stations in central tokyo, are the face recognition vending machines. It will allow you to choose from different selection when unsure by simply scanning your face appearance. For example, at the age of 30’s would prefer to drink hot milk tea, green tea or orange juice in a winter season.The progressive instances due to existing public demand on market, Japan continue to grow more and developed one after another.

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