Waseda University Nourishes Their Students with 100–Yen Breakfasts!

  • Cafeteria breakfasts seem to be a bit of a hard sell these days. After all, it’s tough enough for students to drag themselves out of bed to get to their first class on time, let alone they arrive at a campus early to get something to eat before the roll call. That’s why, for a limited time, cafeterias of all Waseda University campuses are offering breakfasts for as low as 100 yen!

    The Reason behind the Cheap Breakfast Offer


    Many of Tokyo’s universities are located right in the middle of the metropolis. The fact that they’re very close to the city keeps most of them from having a “college town” atmosphere. A notable exception though is the adjacent neighborhoods of Waseda and Takadanobaba. Here, the streets are packed with varieties of food shops, ramen joints, bars, pubs and myriad ways for Waseda students to destroy their healthy eating habits. This is the reason why the school tried lowering the breakfast meal price and encourage students to eat nutritionally balanced meals in the morning.

    What’s on offer?

    The meals may have a low price, but they are anything but low in nutritional value! You may be imagining pretty sparse bread or instant oatmeal, but these meals are startlingly high-class. Waseda didn’t earn its prominent places in Japanese academia by putting in half-efforts. There are initially two options being offered. One is the hamburger steak with a small omelet and sesame-seasoned spinach, shredded cabbage, miso soup and rice. If you don’t like meat, you can opt for miso-stewed mackerel instead.



    These 100-yen breakfasts are already being offered since November 16 at Waseda’s main campus. Every week, the choices of food change. This promotion has moved to Toyama for 3 weeks (since November 30). On December 7th, a five-day stint will be offered at the Nishi-Waseda/arts and humanities campus.

    The promotion of these breakfast meals will surely encourage students to eat healthy meals in the morning. Who wouldn’t want to start a day of classes with a perfectly nutritious and cheap meal?

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