3 Things To Do at the Sapporo Snow Festival

  • Have you heard of the Sapporo Snow Festival? It’s a festival held in Sapporo which is the capital city of Hokkaido, the north island. It’s normally held in February. As you may have guessed, this is a festival for snow. Many large and beautiful sculptures are made from snow at this festival! Here are 3 things to do at the festival that will help you enjoy it even more.

    1. See the Big Statues


    At this festival, there are around 200 snow statues. So it is almost impossible to see all of them. Within the limited time, you have to choose the statues you want to see. There are 5 big snow statues which are more than 10 meters high. You must be sure not to miss them!

    2. Visit the Festival at Night

    After enjoying a visit in the afternoon, don’t forget to visit again at night! From sunset to 10 pm, the snow statues are illuminated. Around the time of the festival, sunset is around 4 pm. From the Sapporo TV tower, you can see the whole illuminated festival. After seeing the snow sculptures up close, the tower is the another way to get a beautiful view! Projection mapping is also held at night. Don’t miss that either!


    3. Eat Local Food


    The festival location is quite big. After walking around the festival, you may be hungry. But, don’t worry, you can eat local food there! At the center of the festival is “Hokkaido food place”. It started in 2006, and it is really popular among many travelers. The food there is chosen by the public, so everything you eat will definitely be delicious!
    For example, you can eat rice with sea urchin, baked crabs, scallops and so on!

    Sapporo Snow Festival is one of the best winter festivals in Japan. If you have a chance to visit Japan in winter, make sure you go and experience it!

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