“Hangover Makeup” : Looking Drunk is Japan’s New Makeup Trend

  • You have probably seen this look sported by some Japanese idols but you were likely thinking “Yikes, she had too much blush on. Did she herself not notice it? She should sue her makeup artist!” when you saw it. However, the makeup is not a mishap by the makeup artist. It was done on purpose because believe it or not, it is a makeup trend that is currently hot in Japan.

    To achieve this look, you need to apply blush under your eye and on the top area of the apples of your cheeks. The blush should be obvious to give an appearance like you are blushing way too much or are drunk. One of AKB48’s members, Haruka Shimazaki who is also fondly known as Paruru to her fans, is a fan of this makeup.

    In Berryz Koubou’s Loving You Too Much music video, a few of the girls were also sporting this makeup look. For example, Sugaya Risako:


    I notice that this look is always coupled with straight eyebrows which make the overall face look softer, kinder, and sometimes sad or worried. With this combination of straight eyebrows and under eye blush, this makeup style gives an appearance of a sad, shy, and innocent look, which could also attract sympathy. I think the suitable Japanese words to describe it would be “kawai so”, which means pitiful.

    Although this makeup trend is loosely termed as a drunk look, I do not think you can achieve this look beautifully just from drowning yourself with alcohol. Hence, do not give yourself an excuse to splurge on alcohol in order to look a la mode! If you are not confident enough to wear this makeup look, you can tone down the blush to give a more natural look like Paruru’s in the photo above.