Escape the City and Soak in Cape Nagasakibana’s Hidden Gems

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  • Are you longing for that clear breezy air while listening to the beautiful sound of the ocean waves? Forget the city and head to the southernmost point of Kyushu. There you will find Cape Nagasakibana or Nagasakibana Misaki, in Japanese. It is a beautiful land blessed with mild weather and flowers that bloom all-year-round.

    There are primarily two main attractions here: Mount Kaimondake and Nagasakibana Parking Garden.

    Mount Kaimondake


    Once you visit the cape, you’ll be able to see a great view from the nearby Mount Kaimondake. It is conical in shape and stands at 924 meters above sea level. It bears a close resemblance to that of Mt. Fuji’s shape and is often referred to as “Satsuma Fuji.” It is also regarded as one of the 100 best mountains in Japan and belongs to Kirishima-Yaku National Park, one of the most richly diverse parks in Japan. And because there are no other high mountains nearby, you can definitely enjoy a panoramic view from any location. It is possible to hike up the mountain, whose trail goes around the mountain’s side and gives plenty of breathtaking views of surrounding areas.


    Nagasakibana Parking Garden


    Another attraction at the cape is Nagasakibana Parking Garden. It is a place where tropical and subtropical plants grow such as hibiscuses, cacti and mango trees. It looks like a jungle produced in a 45-ha area. Animals can also be seen such as lemurs, flamingos, squirrels and monkeys. There are beautiful parrots that will catch your eye too. Don’t forget to catch the pink flamingo show. The garden is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm with a fee of 1,200 yen. If you want a larger park, you can head to Flower Park Kagoshima which has approximately 2,400 species and 400,000 plants.

    Nagasakibana Parking Garden Website

    Cape Nagasakibana is reachable by bus from Ibusuki Station which takes about 35 minutes for 530 yen. What are you waiting for? Go find and enjoy these treasured gems at Cape Nagasakibana!

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