Is Shiba Inu Really the Right Breed for You?

  • The Shiba Inu gains popularity around the world due to the story of the loyal dog, Hachiko. Actually, the Hachiko was an Akita breed, but Shiba Inu also gained popularity from that story because of the similar look, only major difference is that the Shiba Inu is much smaller in size. The Shiba Inu is so cute with its round face and unique eyes which are slightly slanted that many people consider getting one (or more!) Shiba Inu puppy. However, do you really have what it takes to handle some of these slightly negative Shiba Inu traits?

    Heavy shedding

    The Shiba Inu sheds a lot! If you cannot handle having dog hair on your furniture and clothes, then you should think twice before getting one. You may need to devote yourself to cleaning the house more often with a Shiba Inu around!

    Free spirited

    Wait a minute, that does not sound like a negative trait. The truth is, free spiritedness is just a euphemism for stubbornness.

    If you want an obedient dog that would come to you whenever you call it or obey all your commands, the Shiba Inu is probably not the one. The Shiba Inu has a mind of its own which can make it pretty difficult to train. It is an intelligent dog which understands your commands but it can pretend not to hear you at times, or only hear you when your commands suit it. If you want an obedient dog, a poodle would suit you better.


    The Shiba Inu breed is bold and, therefore, prone to aggression especially towards strangers and other animals. If you have other pets at home, you really need to train and socialize your Shiba Inu well or they may get into fights. You should also be careful and control how your dog behaves to strangers.

    If you can accept and handle these traits, then you may be the right owner for a Shiba Inu. Otherwise, you may consider owning other dog breeds especially if you are a first-time dog owner with little experience. You can always just enjoy being infatuated with the Doge memes instead!

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