Nominication: How Japanese Express Themselves Through Drinking

  • During the 20th century, Japanese companies began encouraging employees to have gatherings after work hours to strengthen camaraderie over a couple of drinks. This is also a good opportunity for the employees to have a good time with their co-workers or even their bosses and get rid of stress from work.


    Japanese people tend to be formal in everyday life and we don’t usually show our emotions openly. A relaxed drinking party helps us in getting out those feelings and we are able to express what we think about work or any topic we can talk about over Nominication.

    What is Nominication?


    Nominication is a combination of two words which are 飲み (Nomi) and communication. Nominication is a way for us to express what we feel over a drink with our friends, colleagues or workmates. We get to drink and communicate at the same time and not only do we talk about different issues but we also get to know the people we drink with more and see a side to them that we normally don’t see during work.


    Nominication can take many forms like parties and gatherings, bonenkai and even just an ordinary day after work. Nowadays, people can go out for a drink for a relatively affordable price because of the number of establishments that are now offering all you can drink services which have become quite popular. You can order as much as you like from the selection of drinks being offered for a flat fee within a specified time.

    Drinking is a good way to spend time with others for many people. Although, there is one thing that some Japanese people experience when drinking. Intake of alcohol for some causes a reaction where the face and body of the drinker becomes red, very red. Especially during company gatherings, people with this reaction are pressured to drink as it may seem like they are turning down the offer. But this is quite a serious matter as research links this to be a probable cause for 癌 (Gan) or cancer.

    In conclusion


    Japanese people may not profusely show it much but we are also happy people too, which is mostly seen publicly when drinking or with family and friends though. I’m also a part of the many Japanese who gets red when drinking even with just one glass and it’s quite the hard condition but it only requires control and you still can have a good time. If you’re living in Japan, you can surely experience the Japanese way of nominication!

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