Meet Kyoko Fukada: Gorgeously Talented Actress and Beauty Icon

  • Some of us may have heard the name, Fukada Kyoko (深田恭子), or seen her in a wide variety of Japanese dramas, and movies. Believe it or not, she’s now 33 years old, but still has that baby face which reminds us of the very first drama she took part in, in 1997. More than 10 films, and 20 dramas she has played a role in, and is still one of the beauty icons of the Japan entertainment industry.

    About Kyoko

    Born and raised in Tokyo, Kyoko has been in the industry for decades as she became an actress before she graduated from high school. One of the films that we can easily spot her in, is the Ring, the well-known Japanese horror movie.

    However, some may remember her beautiful appearance and talent in a lot of TV dramas including Remote, Friends, etc. In fact, one of my all-time favorite TV dramas is ‘Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake.’ Not only Fukada but also renowned Japanese actor, Kaneshiro Takeshi starred in the series as well.

    Long-lasting Beauty

    There was a certain period of time when I did not follow her work due to the excitement of other TV series with new faces of actors and actresses. However, seeing her in a TV commercial for the first time last year, I was amazed. Despite her age, she still looks beautiful, and potentially even more so than before. She was a mermaid in that ‘POCARI SWEAT’ commercial and perhaps the prettiest one I have ever seen!

    Fukada Kyoko is now 33 years old, but still has glowing skin and is in perfect shape. Aging doesn’t appear to have any impacts on her at all!

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