3 Looks the ’Empress of J-Pop’, Ayumi Hamasaki Pulls Off So Well

  • Ayumi Hamasaki (浜崎あゆみ) is one of the most popular singers in Japan. Not only has she produced beautiful music, but her fashion style has also inspired a lot of Japanese girls. Actually, it isn’t just Japanese fans as she has many fans based all over Asia and some in other parts of the world too. One of my Japanese friends is Ayumi’s number one fan and constantly keeps updating Ayumi’s latest news on her Facebook timeline, and has even created one photo album devoted to this beautiful icon.

    In fact, this well-known singer can be fierce, sexy, and naive at the same time. Therefore, here are three of my favourite Ayumi Hamasaki styles.

    1. Fierce

    Blonde hair and smoky eyes are always her signature look. When I saw her featured in the Rimmel advertising last year, her look appears to be getting more and more fierce! Her seductive eyes always make her stand out from other Japanese icons. Especially, the latest music video, ‘Warning’ which was launched in 2015, she’s completely changed her look but is still ‘on point’! Her hair is now dark, and her costume is bold.

    2. Sexy

    The truth is, not everybody can pull off every look that well, but Ayumi is one of those people whose style versatility is just on fire. Personally, her sexy look is a combination of sexiness and glamour.

    3. Naive

    As some of us may already know, ‘Dolly Eyes’ are a must-have among Japanese girls. Here, Ayumi is pulling off the naive look which makes our hearts melt. Her big, sparkly eyes are the most seductive part which make people fall in love with her.

    Ayumi is not just a singer for me, but also an inspiration in makeup and fashion sense since she is always on ‘fleek’. She is one of the Japanese icons I really admire because she has taught me to be myself and is an inspiration for many girls out there as well.

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