Follow the Rabbit Trail to the Cutest r.a.a.g.f. Bunny Cafe in Harajuku

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  • As many may know, animal cafes in Japan are one of the hottest locations for tourists. Cat Cafes are perhaps one of the most popular. With an ever increasing number of customers, some clever soul decided to expand this idea of coffee with animals to include other animals. And on par with cat cafes in terms of fluffy and cute inhabitants are rabbit cafes!

    R.a.a.g.f. (an acronym for rabbit and get fat) is one of the rabbit cafes Tokyo has to offer. Off of Cat Street in Harajuku, it’s at a prime location if you are in the area and want a break from shopping and the frenzy of Takeshitadori Street.

    The entrance to r.a.a.g.f. might seem a bit cramped, but it soon opens up to a medium sized room with plenty of space to enjoy your drink and play with the resident rabbits. The rabbits in the play space area are rotated throughout the day so that they don’t get too overwhelmed and tired from all the attention. Guests are able to see all the resident rabbits and take pictures (no flash of course) and can request a certain rabbit to be let out to play with.


    So how do rabbit cafes work? Basically the same as cat cafes. The guests enter and pay a fee for time to interact with the animals. R.a.a.g.f. starts off at 700 yen for 30 min, and 1100 yen for 60 min. With the current exchange rate, that’s less than $6 to play with bunnies for half an hour! You can buy some veggies to feed the rabbits as well for only 150 yen, and this is well worth doing. While the rabbits at r.a.a.g.f. are a bit more sociable then say cats are, it never hurts to have some food to encourage some great photo opportunities.


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    Now you may be worried about cleanliness. Cats are of course litter box trained, but what about rabbits? At r.a.a.g.f. the rabbits are trained and there are several boxes for their private use. However, rabbits can be a bit excitable so sometimes do not make it there or simply choose to dash around instead. But the staff is extremely attentive and any accidents are quickly cleaned up and sanitized. There is no odor at all anywhere in the cafe, except for that of coffee and hot chocolate.

    R.a.a.g.f. also has rabbits for sale, if you live in Japan and are looking for a fluffy companion. The ones for sale have little signs next to their cages or you can view them online!


    Tucked away in the quieter and less crowded part of Harajuku, R.a.a.g.f. is a great opportunity to relax and take a breather from the business of Tokyo, as well as a chance to play with bunnies! If you like cat cafes, there is probably a good chance you will like R.a.a.g.f.!

    r.a.a.g.f. Harajuku*Japanese Only

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