Kichijoji Area – Where Countryside Meets Big City

  • December is here and surely many people are preparing for the winter break. If you’re planning to visit Tokyo, I’m sure you have a number of places prepared to go to. There are many beautiful locations to visit in Central Tokyo but if you’re looking for something a bit different yet not so far from the central metropolis, Kichijoji is one place to go!



    Kichijoji is located in the western area of Tokyo Musashino. This place is a popular go-to are for people of all ages and has a calm feel to the vicinity despite being a shopping district. Getting to Kichijoji will only take about 15 minute ride by the Chuo Line from Shinjuku.



    Kirarina is a shopping complex connected to the station that has just opened in April of last year. The store houses shops that are mainly targeted at women and offers a variety of products as well as a number of food establishments.

    Harmonica Yokocho


    The Harmonica Yokocho is located just outside the north exit of the station and is filled with clusters of shops. There are about a hundred shops and restaurants occupying retro buildings of the street which was once a black market during after world war 2, now providing affordable products and meals to all kinds of people!


    Inokashira Park Zoo


    There are around 200 species of wildlife in the Inokashira Park Zoo. There is also a squirrel house where park visitors can get close to the little forest animals. The Inokashira Park Zoo is a perfect place for those with kids and both young and old can enjoy the zoo.

    Inokashira Park Zoo

    There are many other beautiful places to visit and check out in Kichijoji. There’s a little bit of everything for ever people here and is a medium of the city and countryside. Make sure to check out this suburban part of Tokyo if you’re coming!

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