Dazzle your Tastebuds with these 5 Unique Rice Toppings!

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  • Rice is a common staple food found in the everyday life of Japanese people. There are many ways of preparing and cooking rice and there are also a number of good foods to accompany it. Aside from the main dish that is prepared in the household, there are also a number of side dishes that best compliments newly cooked rice.


    Either made at home or bought from the supermarket, these side dishes are sure to make each meal even better. Here are 5 tasty Japanese side dishes to complement your rice!



    Hijiki is a thin strand of black colored seaweed. These are usually bought in the supermarket dried if you prefer cooking it by yourself, or flavored and ready to eat. Hijiki has a bit of sweet flavor and the ready to eat ones are often mixed with carrots, renkon and thinly sliced konnyaku. There are also hijiki gohan mixes available too.


    Shirasu is a small white fish that is packed with calcium. Shirasu is eaten either dried, boiled or raw and best compliments cooked rice. Shirasu is also often eaten donburi style by just adding egg and a few drops of soy sauce.

    Chuuka Kurage


    Kurage, for those who are not familiar with it, is actually jellyfish. Chuuka Kurage is Chinese style Jellyfish that is bought from supermarkets. These are a bit sweet and spicy in flavor and is chewy and crunchy in texture with goma in it. I’m not quite sure if people outside of Asia eat jellyfish, but this one is something I’d recommend for you to try.

    Mamakari Suzuke


    Mamakari is sardines that is often eaten grilled or sashimi/sushi style and you’ve probably encountered eating this. But as Mamakari Suzuke, the fish is left in vinegar, cooked and carrots are added. However it’s probably better to buy this from the supermarket to avoid the hassle of making it.

    Ika no Shiokara

    Jang Kangen suggested going to a ‘Nihonmachi 日本町’ in Bangkok last night. A ‘Nihonmachi 日本町’ is like a Japanese Town/Village, a huge Japanese community mall with great varieties of Japanese restaurants & cuisines from different regions in Japan. Namely….Okinawa style, Kyoto style, Hokkaido style, Tokyo style, Osaka style and others. We opted for Osaka style. There are just too many to choose on the menu. I was fascinated by 2 raw and fermented dishes ‘Ika no shiokara 塩辛’ (fermented Squid) and ‘Puri puri takowasabi 芥末章鱼’ (Octopus Wasabi). Needless saying, it should go well with Japanese fermented rice wine ‘Sake’…. . #takowasabi #芥末章鱼 #塩辛 #fermentedfoods #fermented #ferment #fermenter #fermenting #japanese #japan #nihonmachi #日本町 #bangkok #japanesefood #漬物 #shiokara #ikanoshiokara

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    Ika no Shiokara is salty-spicy flavored squid that is a bit crunchy in texture. Some Ika no Shiokara are slimy and may not be as palatable for some people, but there are also not as slimy ones that you’ll just have to find.

    It’s more enjoyable to eat these when you put them in the refrigerator first then top them over newly cooked rice. There’s like a hot and cold mix in the food that balances the feel of eating it. All of these are available at any supermarket and some convenience stores too. Go and check these rice complements out!

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