The Perfect Gift to Fulfill Any Seamstress’ Christmas Wish!

  • ‘Oekaki’ is simply a Japanese word for ‘drawing a picture’. Oekaki is also a series of sewing machines produced by Toyota Home Sewing company, a subsidiary of the Toyota Group. Usually, using the conventional sewing machines, one cannot have a free hand motion. These Oekakis are used to draw ‘free motion embroidery’ and are an advancement to the conventional sewing machines. That is why, this technology is named ‘Oekaki Renaissance’.

    Main Features


    Oekaki’s main function is Variable Width Control. It has an adjustable foot controller and a Computerized machine (CPU). To draw directly onto the fabric has its place in quilting, textile art, home furnishing and so on. There are many tutorials and sewing ideas available on the internet especially on the Toyota Oekaki site for one to practise different designs. It helps one to create homemade embellishments and creative artworks. The site has illustrated examples with video support to explain how to thread the machine, how to use the control panel, different types of stitching and swinging methods, how to shorten jeans, how to insert a zip and so on.

    How to Use


    Using Oekaki Renaissance is slightly different from a conventional machine. One can activate the Oekaki mode by pressing the Oekaki button on the machine. The stitch width can be adjusted by the foot controller. If one presses the foot controller slightly, it selects a narrow width. Whereas, to select a wider stitch width, one has to press or step on the foot controller further. Different techniques of sewing shapes, texts and characters are available on the Oekaki site for one’s guidance. The Oekaki Renaissance is available in the market and if one wants to know the specific buying location, he/she can contact the Oekaki staff by simply submitting a form on the site. Also, you can submit your own different designs and creations and lucky members will get discounts and prizes by Oekaki.


    Oekaki Renaissance is a great gift for families with children during Christmas. You can teach children to draw their favorite characters etc. This machine definitely lives up to its name and is surely a renaissance in the embroidery artwork.

    For more information, check out the website.

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