3 Ways to Help Make Japan More Tourist Friendly Before the Olympics

  • Japan will surely have an influx of foreign guests who’ll be pouring into Tokyo to speculate the win for the coming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.


    With this, there are some things that Japan could do to make things a little easier for tourists. Here’s a list of things that might really be helpful in showing off the country’s “omotenashi” hospitality.

    Improving the Signage in Stations

    The stations in Japan tend to be colossal with several exits, multiple train lines and a number of things which are completely non-station related mixed up. However, it is true that if you walk around major cities’ train station, you’ll be able to spot several English signs. But not everyone is so good with direction. If you take a wrong turn in Shinjuku station, you may find yourself gazing at women’s support pants. The department stores, restaurants streets, and shops of all kind are in a limbo. In this case, some large signage with multiple languages might help.

    Add More Trash Bins


    Many foreign people often find a few trash bins in Japan and wondered how the people are keeping the place clean. The reason for this is unclear and probably due to terrorism concerns such as the sarin gas attack in Tokyo subway long time ago. However, a big number of people coming in would mean more rubbish. Having more trash bins would ease up the case or perhaps Japan could come up with something similar.

    More Rental Bikes

    Tokyo is a pretty big place to explore where everything is so convenient. Relying on trains alone for transportation will make you miss some of the beautiful city’s gorgeous parks and landmarks. What better way to explore than a bicycle? To help alleviate the strain on the packed trains, it would be best to add more bicycles for foreign tourists to use. This can be an actual win-win situation which also allows the tourists to actually see more of the city.

    These are just a few ways for Japan to attract tourists in the country. Surely, people will fall in love with Japan when they come here to watch the games and do some sightseeing.

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