Check Out the Underground Sport of Ice Hockey in Japan

  • When most people think of sports in Japan, baseball or the various traditional forms of martial arts generally come up. Unfortunately, ice hockey isn’t on the top of many lists but in my opinion, it absolutely needs to be included.

    Recently I had the opportunity to watch 4 professional hockey games in Shin-Yokohama at the Skate Center. While I enjoy watching NHL games in the U.S., the Asia League (ALH) hockey games are a totally different experience that shouldn’t be passed up. The league consists of 12 teams that are based in Japan, China, and Korea.

    Asia League
    Flags of the competing teams


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    First, you can’t beat the price of the games. We were able to watch 2 days of games, or 4 games, for ¥6000 in the unreserved section; you can, of course, pay more for reserved seats. That’s less than half the price of an NHL game in the nosebleeds or “bad seats.”

    Up close and personal with the team


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    Being in a small ice center, we were extremely close to the action. We got to chat with the players, hear all the action from the bench, and watch pucks fly over our heads!

    Crowd Support
    From behind the Ice Bucks’ bench during warm-up before their game against the Eagles


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    As expected with Japanese sports, the fans are also amazing. Both kids and adults were standing up and cheering throughout the entire game. These fans are absolutely passionate about their team and are not afraid to show their loyalty. I found the Nikko Ice Buck fans to be the best and truly impressive at cheering. Similar to Japanese baseball and soccer fans you can root for your team following set cheers and dances. Make sure you check out the large flags that fans wave around after a goal. They are huge!

    Food and Merchandise

    Now you must be thinking about the food and merchandise that is available. They were also great. There was a nice mix of western and Japanese food for a reasonable price. If you don’t feel like buying food, you’re more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks to the game. A neat part about the weekend was that the 4 teams that played all had merchandise for sale in the same room. There were hats, shirts, jerseys, stationery supplies, and other small items for sale, varying in price.


    So, why don’t you check out an ALH hockey game during your travels in Japan? For a great price and an amazing experience, you may become a passionate hockey fan. I’m sure you’ll be up cheering for your team throughout the game like I was cheering for mine, the Tohoku Free Blades. Let’s make hockey a top 10 sport in Japan and add it to our list of sports.

    Asia League Ice Hockey Website

    Shin-Yokohma Skate Center Location:

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    1. 90s10s says:

      Are they still doing games with all Japanese teams at Shin-Yokohama? If so, do they still sell merch? I’ve been looking for a Freeblades jersey and I’m so close to just paying my friend who lives in Japan the ¥50000 as a booster so I can get a jersey that comes with that package.

      If you still go to these games at Shin-Yokohama, I’d be very interested in having you pick up a jersey for me.

      1. Japan Info says:

        Hi, 90s10s! The Shin-Yokohama Skate Center is now dedicated to figure skating and is no longer used as a venue for ice hockey games. You can purchase a Free Blades jersey at the team’s home arena in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, or get one by becoming a member of their fan club and donating 50,000 yen (same amount as you mentioned). For more information, please check here: (Japanese only). Hope this helps! :)

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