NEETenberg: New Manga Where Heroes Fight Against Having a Job

  • NEET is an acronym which stands for Not in Education, Employment, or Training. What this means is an individual who is currently not studying and is choosing not to work. Japan is facing this issue with many, especially young, individuals not having any interest or motivation to join the workforce.


    There is a manga about NEETS which is entitled Koukidou Mushoku: Neetenberg (High Mobility Unemployed: Neetenberg) by manga artist Hayato Aoki.

    Neetenberg Series


    Neetenberg is a manga which parodies the Gundam franchise. In a world which is dominated by the labor force, Yu Fudo, the unemployed high school dropout, fights in order not to join the workforce. One day, Yu was captured by the Force Employment Army to be sent to the labor camp due to his “crimes” of being unemployed. On the way, Yu encounters a mysterious girl from the Unemployed Union that saves Yu from being sent to the labor camp. Yu discovered he has a special ability called NEET (Next Evolution Exceed Type) which makes him a rare individual who is capable of piloting a mecha called Neetenberg.

    The manga has many references and jokes pertaining the traditional Japanese workforce and Gundam. The younger generation will find this relatable due to the difference in expectations of the young generation and the old generation. I believe the majority of the young generation find the traditional workforce in Japan to be a pretty mundane robot-like lifestyle. Perhaps this is why Neetenberg parodies the Gundam franchise to symbolize the machine-like style of such life. Many young people have other passions and dreams which make them end up feeling disappointed upon realizing that they have to lead the life of a salaryman in Japan. Thus, some of them end up being a NEET to avoid such reality.

    Neetenberg is an ongoing manga which has 2 volumes currently. It has not been translated into English so you need to understand Japanese if you want to read the manga now. I bet Gundam fans would particularly love this manga!

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