The 10 Best–Selling Chocolates in Japan that Will Make a Perfect Gift

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  • Japan is world famous for many things. Sushi, Samurai, Geishas, the list goes on. But Japanese chocolate isn’t usually one of them. In fact, most visitors to Japan may not consider Japanese chocolate as something worth trying and definitely not a good gift or souvenir.

    If you are one of those people, think again! As a chocolate addict myself, I can attest that Japan has some amazing, delicious chocolate. There are lots of different varieties and flavors, and many products are nicely packaged in a way that makes them great for giving as a nice gift.

    There are so many different varieties to choose from, so if you want some tried and tested (very tried and tested!) recommendations, check out this list of the top ten Japanese chocolates in Japan. They are all great to eat, can be found anywhere, and are a unique gift if you’re stuck for ideas! Your family and friends will adore them!

    10. Almond Chocolate from Meiji

    Before this great chocolate first went on sale way back in 1955, Japanese people were not accustomed to almonds and many had never tried them before. Almonds were a real delicacy in Japan.

    Meiji Almond Chocolate sales soared as they gained popularity, and became a tasty treat that was affordable, delicious, and available in everyday stores. This product has been around for decades and has maintained its great reputation. If you love the combination of whole nuts and rich chocolate, this is just perfect, and also makes a nice gift!

    9. Meiji Milk Chocolate


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    This very well-known and loved milk chocolate product first went on sale in 1926. Meiji have perfected its luxurious flavor, combining rich cocoa and milk, and it has proved to be extremely popular among Japanese people.

    You can find this chocolate in most convenience stores and it is reasonably priced, fitting the bill for the ideal lifesaver after a long day at work or a nice accompaniment to a soppy movie. This chocolate is also a good ingredient to use in making sweets and cakes and is often used for these things in Japan. Give it a taste!

    8. Choco Flake from Morinaga

    This beautiful and light flaked chocolate from Morinaga is a version of the old favorite combination: cornflakes covered in chocolate. Morinaga has perfected its light and airy texture with a crunchiness that just leaves you wanting more. And more. And more…

    It was first released to the country in 1967 and has been popular ever since. You will love this product and can find it in most stores around Japan. The perfect tasty snack to make any day more chocolatey.

    7. Choco Ball from Morinaga


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    This stuff is seriously good, so if you are trying to cut down on sweet stuff then perhaps it’s best you stay away. If, on the other hand, you are like me and inhale chocolate like oxygen, definitely try these beautiful chocolate balls from Morinaga!

    They are 1 centimeter in diameter and are stuffed with lots of different flavors such as biscuit (my favorite), strawberry, peanut, caramel, milk, and many others! They look good, they feel good, they taste good, and they’ve been incredibly popular since their creation in 1960. They are also a great little gift for friends and family!

    6. Apollo Chocolate from Meiji


    Apollo Chocolate is a very Japanese creation, looks cosmic, and truly does taste out of this world! These little comets of delight have been around since 1969, and the original product is made with rich chocolate and sultry strawberry.

    The great thing about this lovely little chocolate is that if you go to different regions of Japan, you can find funky flavors. In Kansai for example, you can try green tea flavor, and up in Hokkaido, they have created a melon flavor!

    These are perhaps one of the coolest gifts to give because they are so unique and really sum up wacky Japanese confectionary. They were inspired by the Apollo 11 spacecraft which was famous when this chocolate was created in 1969. Take a cosmic space adventure to heaven with these adorable treats!

    5. Kinoko No Yama from Meiji

    Kinoko No Yama chocolates look like something straight out of an enchanted forest in The Moomins, but this just makes them more of a pleasure to eat! ‘Kinoko’ means ‘mushroom’, and these fungal delights have a biscuit stem and a cap made from milk chocolate.

    These little sensations came about in 1975 after a Meiji Company executive said he wanted to eat some biscuits to accompany his Apollo Chocolate. These popular treats are tasty, can be bought in most stores, and make a great gift due to their unique look and beautiful packaging.

    4. Crunky from LOTTE


    Crunky chocolate was created by the huge company LOTTE, and tastes seriously good. Another one added to the list of addictions, Crunky first came onto the Japanese treat scene in 1974, and now comes in many different varieties and shapes.

    Basically, it is milk chocolate stuffed with puffed rice grains. But it’s much more than that, it’s a quick trip to chocolate heaven. It has been perfected for a sweet taste and a light and crispy texture. Despite the funny name, there’s nothing funny about this little beauty, so try it and never look back!

    3. Tirol Choco

    The delicious Tirol Choco first appeared on the shelves way back in 1962. The main idea was to let all children enjoy eating delicious chocolate at a low price. At that time, the price was only 10 ten, so everybody could enjoy it.

    However, with the rise in production costs, nougat was added to reduce the cost and to maintain the price. Due to the Oil Crisis in 1979, Tirol Choco eventually had to raise its price to 30 yen, and the sales declined.

    However, as Tirol Chocolate bars are quite huge, the creators decided to divide it into three separate pieces. These pieces were then packages and sold for the original 10 yen, so Tirol is still known as the 10 yen treat. This great chocolate has a fascinating history and goes back a long way, making a great gift for people!

    2. Koeda from Morinaga


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    Koeda is yummy, light, and a less guilt-ridden treat as it comes in sensible portions! It has been on sale since 1971 and is loved across the nation.

    It is a small chocolate stick covered in delicious puffed rice grains, and is simple but very, very effective! Some varieties also feature nuts such as almonds which is equally as tasty. These are cute little treats and a great sweet treat without overdoing it!

    1. Takenoko No Sato from Meiji


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    Last but definitely not least, Takenoko No Sato is a thing of wonder and has been adored and enjoyed nationwide since its creation in 1979.

    Meant to replicate a bamboo shoot (takenoko) shape, this chocolate is made with cookies on the inside and covered in shiny, delicious, milk chocolate. Their cute shape just makes you want to eat them all!

    So, here are 10 of the most delicious chocolates made in Japan. Why not try a few, or just try all of them to make sure which one you like best! They make a great gift for friends and family and will put a big smile on anyone’s face!

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