What Countries are the Japanese’ Favorite Travel Destinations?

  • Japan is one of the countries anyone in the world would like to visit at least once. Its unique culture, traditions, manners and picturesque sites attract millions of tourists from all around the world.

    But have you ever thought of which countries Japanese travelers chose to go to? Let’s see which countries Japanese passport holders visit the most according to the Japanese National Tourism Organization (JNTO). An estimated average of 1.5 million Japanese people travel abroad every single month.

    In Asia

    Based on the statistics of JNTO on the number of outbound Japanese tourists, China and South Korea are seen as the major traveling destinations for many. Most of the travels to China are related to business while to South Korea due to it’s historical and cultural links that scroll back thousands of years. South Korea is a preferred destination for many young Japanese people who adore Korean TV and Pop culture. Other preferred destinations among the Japanese in Asia include Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong. Thailand and Vietnam also see a major influx of Japanese tourists every year.

    In Americas

    USA regions, specifically Hawaii and Guam are huge tourist destinations for the Japanese. Hawaii has long been a Japanese favorite region and their cultural links go way back in time. The mainland USA does not see many Japanese tourists though.

    In Europe

    The European Union has been a favorite destination for the Japanese for quite a long time now. Trade links between Japan and Europe go hundreds of years back in time. In the entire Europe, France has always been a major pick for Japanese travelers due to its romanticism and touristic aura. Apart from France, Spain and Germany see a lot of tourists from Japan.

    Many Japanese tourists are increasingly visiting newer places apart from the usual aforementioned countries. Increase in travelers to Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Switzerland and Canada is evident in recent years due to these countries’ growing popularity among Japanese. Also, growing cultural and business exchanges and the ease of availability of visas are a deciding factor for many Japanese to travel across the world.

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