What captured my heart in Japan

  • A country with the most interesting and enviable traits enclosed within a tightly compact small island, Japan is the best destination for all. Well, if I were to pin what I love about this beautiful place, in spite of its micro dimensions, words will flow like endless river and spill over the edge. However, I just wanted to briefly recollect some of the things that captured my heart.

    Clean up

    The practicability of “clean up your country” finds its abode here, while most of its neighbors, near and far still print campaigns while those being posted have to be scrubbed off over and over again and replaced to be effective. Ironic isn’t? But that’s nothing to be surprised of.

    Maybe it is the only country with 6 different types of trash cans within a household, at least at the place I am staying. One is for the recycled plastic bags, second, the PET plastic bottles, third for the tin cans, fourth for the glass bottles, fifth for the paper cartons, and sixth is the bin for product waste. This alone can impress even the neatest freaks. A place where the teacher humbly finds the time to clean the classrooms up with the students, well, it is a utopian dream in reality.


    Every single person feels that they have to look presentable, at least in unstained clothes, anywhere, regardless of their age and this is quite amazing because it’s just not in one city or district, it’s the whole country. You will find many interesting people even if you don’t have the chance to talk to them. Their taste in fashion varying from the super kawaii to the most professional business look is astounding. Places like Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Shimokitazawa and many other are the perfect destinations to explore such culture of modern fashion and you will be entertained with what you see.

    History and Culture

    Regardless of its size, and regardless of its modernity, Japan has a very rich history and culture and you can bask in personally of its beautiful shrines, temples, and festivals. The scenic views of nature are breathtaking and one falls in true love with the very famous sakura flowers.

    Japanese cuisines will be dear to your health and taste buds. In either way if you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you will not be disappointed with the exquisite variety of foods, not to mention its freshness.


    The perfect embodiment of punctuality is yet another distinguished quality that it proudly wears. All transportations like the bus, the trains, the airplanes , everything, will never let you down. An advice I would like to share is to always be on time if you are meeting or having an appointment with Japanese or people who lives in Japan, because they obviously are on time and your excuse of “the bus came late, there was traffic jam, etc” will not be bought at all unless you tell the truth that you woke up late, that you forgot about it or something else.

    And more..

    I would say that the people in Japan are the ones of the most dignified people, at least in public. Well, if you are traveling by train or bus, whether there are only a few people or it’s fully packed, they don’t stare, yes that’s right they will not give you that uncomfortable glare that you get in your own country.

    And last but not the least, well, many people have said and wrote about it already, and I too definitely will not overlook the fact that Japan is one of the safest places on earth. So, in case you run out of milk in the middle of the night, just grab your shoes and money and rush to the nearest convenience store and savor the heavenly taste of anything that you crave, at any time!

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