10 ’Change Your Life’ Household Items found at the 100 Yen Shop

  • Anyone who has been to Japan will know the 100-yen shop well. Just like its name, everything in this shop is 100 yen (tax excluded). There is a variety of things in the 100-yen shop, including food, snack, stationery, etc.

    Today we are going to introduce ten household facilities that are worth more than 100 yen and worth buying from the 100-yen shop. See them below.

    1. Egg Timer

    Egg Timer helps you boil eggs easier. All you need to do is to put the Egg Timer in the pot at the same time with eggs. Egg Timer will change color as time passes and each color indicates the different state of your eggs so that you will know the right time to get the eggs out and what type of eggs you will get.

    2. Dokodemo Cap

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    In the supermarket, sugar or salt products are mostly sold in big plastic bags so it’s convenient to take home. However, when going out for a picnic, it is hard to find where to keep sugar or salt with you. Therefore, Dokodemo Cap (dokodemo means ‘anywhere’ in the Japanese language) is the solution to this problem. It is convenient to take Dokodemo Cap with you anywhere, and it also prevents the salt, sugar, or pepper from getting dirty.

    3. Ironing Mitt

    Ironing Mitt is another surprising product that is sold in 100-yen shops. It is unexpectedly convenient for ironing clothes since you don’t need to set up an ironing board. Moreover, Ironing Mitt has another incredible benefit. When you are ironing clothes with Ironing Mitt, the other side of your clothes will also become smooth automatically. This means you do not need to iron both sides, so takes half of the time. This innovation seems to make ironing easier.

    4. Pillow Dryer

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    This Pillow Dryer is the hanger for a pillow. If you have washed a pillow before, you must know how hard it is to find a place to hang and dry it. However, Japan has invented the hanger for a pillow so that it helps address this issue. It does not take up too much space for drying, either.

    5. Rice Washing Stirrer

    A lot of people might get fed up with washing rice as it can sometimes be problematic preventing rice from falling out when tipping the water out. This will no longer be a problem if you use this Rice Washing Stirrer. Have fun cooking rice!

    6. Handy Sealer

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    Handy Sealer is the facility for sealing plastic bags. It is comfortable for packing snacks or fruit that you would like to take with you. Most importantly, it makes everything neat and beautiful. With this Handy Sealer, sealing is easy stuff.

    7. Lemon Juicer

    This product, “Lemon Juicer” is a compact juicer that can be used for a small amount of juice for drinks, such as lemon juice or orange juice. It helps save juicing time, and it also allows us to have juices anywhere we want.

    8. Microwave Ramen Cooker

    The Microwave Ramen Cooker is for instant noodles that are cooked in a microwave oven. Just put water in this noodle cup and put it in the microwave oven, and the noodles will be ready. This Microwave Ramen Cooker might be a good choice for people who do not want to find a bowl for their instant noodles.

    9. Kawa In! Peeler

    Kawa In! Peeler is the peeling facility that might look different from regular ones. It has no handle since you can hold it like holding a computer mouse. It is mostly used for peeling fruit, such as an apple. Its mechanism is similar to a pencil sharpener since as it keeps the fruit skin inside.

    10. Kotokoto-kun

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    Kotokoto-kun is the facility that helps you boil water safely. It has the ability to reduce the splashing water even though it has reached its boiling point. It works for anyone who boils water often and forgets to turn it off by the time the water has boiled.

    All of the above are 10 facilities that can be found in the 100-yen shop that makes daily life more comfortable and convenient. Don’t forget that all of those facilities are as cheap as 100 yen. So, if you get a chance to visit the 100-yen shop, do not forget to buy some of them and try them out.

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