From Beginners to Pros, Test Your Skills at Yokone Ski Area this Winter!

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  • Find yourself in Oguni during the winter season? Then you must go to Yokone ski area (suki-jou). As a local favorite, this ski area is the heart of Oguni during winter. Both children and adults can enjoy skiing or snowboarding throughout the day from 9 am – 5 pm. You can also ski at night with night sessions from 5 pm – 9 pm. Located on national highway 113, it’s very convenient to access once in Oguni.

    Ski Area
    The view looking up at the pair lift


    This small ski area includes two easy ski slopes and a halfpipe course. Take the pair lift up to the top of the mountain and look down at the beautiful town below as you go down the hill. Season passes are available to enjoy this treasure all winter season long, in addition to single ride tickets. You’ll enjoy this so much, the season pass is absolutely worth it!

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    This unique halfpipe is open from 11 am – 4 pm every day except Thursdays. This halfpipe was made famous by Olympic skier Ayumu Hirano.
    The Sochi Olympic silver medalist, Hirano trained using the Yokone halfpipe growing up and continues to visit the area every season. You can occasionally watch him practice his jumps and even get your picture taken with him!

    Snowboarding Competition
    The halfpipe at night


    If you’re brave enough, you can enter the Yokone Snowboarding Competition which is held every year. There are other smaller competitions held throughout the season as well. It’s a great way to see the locals have a great time on the hill.



    In addition, located right next to the ski area is the Oguni rest stop (白いの森おぐに道の駅) where you can have a meal, shop for some local Oguni products, or even enjoy a small festival. As it is open all year round there is always an opportunity to experience authentic Oguni living.

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