Is Being a Housewife a Bad Thing?

  • Are you going to get married to your lover? Congratulations! I hope you will have a happy life with him. By the way… are you going to become a housewife after having kids? If so, please take a look at this article first, and think about your life when married.

    First of all, what do you think of housewives? Does it look easy? Do they shine with happiness? Do they seem to have a lot of fun with their kids? Some people may think so, but actually most housewives work hard every day.

    The debates over housewives are getting serious, especially in Japan.

    Japan is a country with male-dominated society, so mostly, men work for the family and women support them. Speaking of married lives, one-in-three women prefers to be a housewife.

    But recently, women are apt to work even after their children are born as it became socially easier for those who are passionate about their work.
    It seems to cause some to have negative opinions about housewives, and of course, probably vice versa.

    The way they raise their children, how they spend their 24 hours, and how they participate in PTA activities… there are tons of things to do and problems they might have.

    Some working women say that the housewives have free time all day long. That their husbands must work too hard.

    But I found an interesting opinion against the above as well. When a housewife stays home and really manages everything, the household is well organized. Thus, the family doesn’t need to work that hard, and they are able to have more free time to spend with each other. If a housewife supervises and helps her children doing homework at home, they don’t need to go to a cram school. Since a housewife prepares good healthy meals every day and manages a family’s health, they don’t get sick that often and don’t need to pay too many hospital bills.

    Japan’s traditional customs and contemporary society oppose each other very much. If you have an opportunity to live in Japan and get married here, which will you choose when you’re a wife/mom?
    I for one prefer… being a partial housewife, after all.