5 Famous Japanese Grubs for the Foodie in You

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  • We all know how Japanese food can be delicious. It’s possible that not everyone has the opportunity to try Japanese food, but of those who have, the majority opinion is that Japanese food is tasty and healthy. I had the opportunity to eat Japanese food a few times and I always loved it. Of all of the food I ate, I can recommend and name these dishes as my most favorite.



    It is probably is the most famous Japanese food, as many Japanese people like it as well and it is popular everywhere. Yakisoba consists of noodles and a special sauce that has a sweet and salty taste. People also can add different kinds of vegetables in it to make a more different and diverse taste. This yakisoba sauce is called usutah sosu, which is similar to Worcestershire Sauce. Yakisoba is my most favorite Japanese food ever. You should try it as well if you have a chance.

    Unagi sushi


    Unagi is probably my second favorite Japanese food. I recommend everyone to try this version of sushi. It is truly a heavenly taste for people who like to eat and try something new as well. I have heard also from my close Japanese friends that unagi is quite famous among Japanese people, everyone loves it, children and adults. This food is made usually from baked eel meat together with special sauce on top.



    Okonomiyaki can make you really full and not hungry at all. It is food that probably many people would like if they try it. It looks like a giant pancake filled with different noodles, egg, vegetables etc. And on the top there is a delicious okonomiyaki sauce that adds its taste. Of course there are many variations of this dish, some consist of yakisoba noodles inside and fried egg on top, other is a version with potato and meat on top. People also add mayonnaise to okonomiyaki.

    Japanese potato salad


    This is like a vegan version of Japanese dish, healthy, tasty and with a low amount of calories.

    It is usually served as a bento side dish. So if you wanna try this salad you will probably need to order a bento lunch and you will get this salad in it. It consists of boiled potatoes, cucumber, carrot and mayonnaise.

    Chicken karaage (Japanese fried chicken)


    This is my favorite Japanese chicken dish. I tried it many times and always loved it. The special taste comes from marinated chicken meat. Before being fried chicken is marinated into sauce that consists of garlic, soy sauce and ginger. Potato starch is filled around chicken meat and creates a crispy taste. Karaage is good to eat with anything, especially with rice and different salads.

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