5 Songs by Legendary J-Pop Princess Namie Amuro

  • Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵) always reminds me of Jennifer Lopez. The tanned skin, the youthful looks despite her age, and the dancing skills. The only thing that’s missing is the booty. However, at the height of her popularity, she gained the name “Japanese Madonna”. I really think that a more appropriate title for her would be the Japanese J Lo. Anyway, these are some songs by Namie which you should check out:

    1. Can You Celebrate?

    This is not only Namie Amuro’s best selling single but it is also the best-selling single by a solo female singer in the history of Japanese music with more than 2 million copies sold. The song was used in the drama Virgin Road. She rerecorded this song with new vocals and released a new music video in 2014 for her album Ballada. The new version features violinist Taro Hakase.

    2. Wishing on the Same Star

    This song is actually a cover of the same title by Keedy who is a freestyle singer.

    3. Four Seasons

    Four Seasons was used as a theme song for Inuyasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler. I did not know that she was saying “four seasons” until I know the song title. I used to think that in certain parts, she was saying “Ver Says” which is a common mispronunciation of Versace.

    4. Come

    This is another theme song for the Inuyasha anime. I did not like it back then but now that I listen to it again, it sounds pretty good. Not sure if I really like it for the tune or because it brings back nostalgic feelings.

    5. Wild

    This song is so catchy but as usual, Namie’s English pronunciation is rather hard to understand that I did not realize she was singing in English. At the beginning of the chorus, what I heard was “Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon…” but I could be right.

    I hope you enjoy the recommended songs. Most of them are old songs as I have not been listening to Namie much after the hallyu wave took over. Besides that, her company decided to post only short PVs on certain songs which kind of dampened my mood to check out her songs. Enjoy listening!

    Namie Amuro Official Website*Japanese Only

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    1. princess ck hongo says:

      She have another song baby don’t cry

    2. Serdar says:

      Actually, I thought about that J.Lo relation weeks ago. Just compare these:

      Namie – Jennifer:

      “Love 2000 (Music Video)” – “If You Had My Love (Music Video)”
      “Think of Me / No More Tears (Single Cover)”, “Think of Me (Music Video)” – “Let’s Get Loud (Single Cover)”
      “Good Life (Music Video)” – “Waiting for Tonight (Music Video)”
      “No (Space of Hip-Pop Tour Live)” – “I’m Real (Music Video Dance Break)”
      “Sexy Girl (Music Video)” – “Do It Well (Music Video)”

      There are so many more things from magazine shootings to live performances I have no time to count but just think she titled her “Play” album in inspiration of Jennifer’s “Play” song and stuff like this. Also, the music video of “Hands on Me” reminds me somehow of Jennifer.

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