Do the Japanese really do everything on time?

  • Japanese people are very punctual they say. Trains, buses and even taxi always come on time. People get ready 10 minutes before they actually start something. Office workers arrive at the office at 8:45 and open their laptops right away even though the labor time starts from 9:00.

    Of course, I am one of the Japanese citizens who leaves home an hour before the time I am supposed to be at my workplace even though it only takes 30 minutes to get there.

    But not every situation fits this fact. For example… overworking.

    As you may know, Japanese people work hard all day long… sometimes even all night long.
    They never shut their computers down even after their working time is over.

    I used to work in an office and often felt uncomfortable about leaving home early.
    We can’t leave while our boss is still there. We can’t ask our colleagues to get our work done instead. We are afraid of losing their trust.
    And for sure, most of us don’t hate working that much.

    There are people who come to work on time, but never leave the office on time.
    This is one of the mysterious customs Japanese usually do.

    If I see a foreign worker who is leaving home at 6:05 p.m, I might wish to be like him.
    I don’t mean that I want to go home earlier like him, but I want to have a personality so that I can decide to go home without hesitation, like that.

    Sometimes I meet people, who LOVE working overtime and are proud of it.
    But is it true that people who do overtime work equal to hard workers?
    Maybe most of people from the other countries think it is more efficient to get everything done during your labor time.

    What do you think about this issue? Has any of you came from another country and started working in Japan?