Meet These 2 Japanese Robots! Are They Cool or Creepy?

  • Japan is a step ahead when it comes to bringing out the latest advanced technology. The same goes for robotics. Japan has introduced a variety of robots from animal robots, social robots, humanoid entertainment robots and even android robots.

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    Surely you’ve come across the names Robi, Asimo and Pepper. These are well known humanoid robots in Japan and news of these robots has spread to different parts of the world. Aside from these humanoid robots, have you ever heard of the androids Kodomoroid and Otonaroid? If you haven’t, read on to know who they are!



    Kodomoroid is the world’s first android newscaster. The word Kodomoroid is a combination of ‘kodomo’ which means child in Japanese and ‘roid’ from the word android. As you can see, the Kodomoroid also looks like a child and is a teleoperated android robot. The Kodomoroid is capable of reciting news reports that are gathered from all over the world in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in different languages and voices.



    The Otonaroid is an android that can speak and carry a conversation. While the Kodomoroid is a child, Otonaroid is an adult android. Its name comes from the Japanese word for adult, ‘otona’. The Otonaroid is also a teleoperated android that is controlled by a built-in motion sensor which follows the direction faced by the controller. Buttons are also used in making the Otonaroid move its hands. The Otonaroid is on experimental exhibition where you can experience face-to-face conversation with an android robot as well as operate it.


    Both the Kodomoroid and Otonaroid are part of an exhibition at Miraikan in Tokyo. Both of these androids have made a new impact in the expansion of Japanese robotics. In Japan, a number of organizations are working side by side with robots, helping to get the job done more easily. Surely the number of robots will increase further in the near future.

    Now that you know a bit of information about Kodomoroid and Otonaroid, what do you think? Would you consider these two Japanese androids cool or creepy?

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