Top 5 Memorable Collaborations of Namie Amuro and Other Artists

  • Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵) is not a name which is unheard of among Jpop fans. Being in the music industry for so long, it is not surprising that she has collaborated with various artists in her songs and music videos. These are some of her collaborations and who knows, she may have collaborated with your favorite artist!

    After School

    After School is a Korean band in which Uee is the most popular member. Namie featured After School in the song “make it happen.” In the music video, Namie is like the Madonna or queen while the After School girls look like her dancers. It is a catchy song and Namie looks so hot in it!

    Yamashita Tomohisa (山下智久)

    Namie collaborated with Yamashita Tomohisa or Yamapi, for the song Unusual. At first thought, this seems like a strange collaboration because Yamapi is younger than Namie by 8 years. It gives me an impression of Yamapi as a toy boy of Namie in the music video. Even though Namie looks young, I know their ages so it seems weird to me. Probably it is normal among Western artists but I am not used to seeing Asian artists doing this so hats off to Namie for trying something unusual indeed!

    Ken Hirai (平井堅)

    Namie worked with the gorgeous and charming Ken Hirai for his single, Grotesque. The music video has a black and white theme. With the song title Grotesque, I actually imagine a more bizarre video.

    Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)


    Namie featured Hatsune Miku for her song B Who I Want To B. Since Hatsune Miku is not a real person, Namie was cartoonized in the music video.

    Jolin Tsai

    Jolin Tsai is a famous Taiwanese artist who featured Namie in the song I’m not Yours. The lyrics are in English and Chinese, which means you get to hear Namie sing in Chinese!

    If you are interested to listen to other collaboration songs by Namie, you can check out her album, Checkmate! which is a collection of songs she collaborated with other artists from 2003 to 2011. One of the singers Namie has collaborated often with is Ai. I am actually curious to see her collaborate with Ayumi Hamasaki one day!

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