Explore Hakodate’s Morning Market and See Seafood Galore!

  • What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Hakodate? For some, I think it would probably be Mt. Hakodate’s night view. For me, it’s actually food – seafood to be exact. The whole Hokkaido region is famous for its abundance of seafood and there’s one great place to experience that in Hakodate, the Hakodate Asaichi.

    hakodate night view

    Hakodate Asaichi

    hakodate asaichi

    Hakodate Asaichi is located just straight ahead of JR Hakodate Station for about a 3-minute walk. The word 朝市 (Asaichi) in Japanese means morning market. It opens early in the morning and closes around 2:00 in the afternoon. The morning market offers a variety of mostly seafood products and its well known giant crabs, which Hakodate is also known for in the Hokkaido region.


    Aside from the fresh assortments of seafood, there are around three hundred small to large stalls and shops around the market with many restaurants serving seafood dishes too. And of the most famous of these restaurants is Uni Murakami.

    Uni Murakami

    hakodate uni murakami

    Uni Murakami has been in business in Hakodate for around 60 years. The store’s main specialty dish is their nama uni don or fresh sea urchin bowl. The sea urchins used are free from additives, thus giving them their fresh taste. This store is nationally popular in Japan and many people from around the country come all the way to Hakodate for this dish. Aside from the nama uni don, they also serve fresh seafood straight from the fish tank.

    Katsu Ika Tsuri

    Why not fish your food out? 活イカ釣り (Katsu Ika Tsuri) is literally ‘living squid fishing’ in English and you can do it here at the Hakodate Asaichi. For a price ranging from ¥500 to ¥1700, visitors can catch their own live squid and have it prepared on the spot by the cook. Tourists can also have an enjoyable time with this experience when coming to Hakodate.

    Tourists will enjoy their time if they add the Hakodate Asaichi to their list of places to visit. It’s only a short walking distance from Hakodate Station so why not drop by and get a fresh taste of Hakodate seafood?

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