Boku to Wanko, the Dog Lovers’ Reply to Neko Atsume

  • After having played Neko Atsume, a cat collecting game app, I wouldn’t hesitate to give another Japanese pet game a go. Boku to wanko (ぼくとわんこ) is a new Japanese game available for Androids on Google Play Store and for i-phones on iTunes. Created by Chronus S Inc, this is absolutely a game for ‘dog lovers’ in which you get to collect adorable puppies/dogs, the same way as you did with kittens in Neko Atsume.

    In fact, the entire functionality of the game is similar to Neko Atsume. Although it is only available in the Japanese language (for now), the users can easily understand the game since the menu is provided with cute icons.

    How To Play


    Overall, the system is very similar to that of “Neko Atsume”.

    After downloading the game, the user will be shortly explained how to play the game. The game will show you how to buy the necessary items to attract the dogs, where to place the toys and food, as well as, how to view a profile of each dog, and what its favourite toy is. There are a lot of items that can be purchased with the white and gold bones we can collect throughout the game. The more dogs we gather, the more bones we receive! The food selection is quite big from free fry food to special items (at a separate cost). Besides, the toys of various types are also available for purchase; such as a pair of shoes, watermelon, etc. So, every time the doggie visits the garden, the app will notify you the amount of bones you can obtain in return. When you tap on the pup, the app will take its picture and place it into the album. There are 42 types of puppies you can choose from, which is 1 more than the old version of Neko Atsume had. You can also purchase bones in-game for a charge if you like.

    Differences from Neko Atsume

    There are, however, a few delightful extra functions. First of them, the stray cats will sometimes walk into the garden and eat your dogs’ food, to drive them away, you’ll need to tap the cat a few times. The area to play with your dogs is also considerably bigger. Apart from that, if you tweet a freshly-taken picture of a puppy in the garden, you can get an extra bone for further purchases! You also get an extra bone about every day you log into the game (not every time).
    And, last but not least, the game will notify you when one of your precious puppies runs out of food, or there are cats you need to chase away from the garden.

    Playing with the catchy tune in the background surely entertains me every time when I open the application. I love the fact that every dog is just SO CUTE, especially, to a dog lover like myself. I have enjoyed playing this game so far, the more toys and food I offer, the more new cute pets I get to see! Unfortunately, for now the game is only available for the Japanese market, so if you are in Japan, or you have a Japanese google play/i-tunes account, hurry and download this digital adorableness!

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