Top 5 Recommended Winter Illuminations to See in Osaka

  • During the end of the year, many places throughout Japan hold illumination events. In this article, I would like to recommend you some that are held in Osaka. Some events require entrance fee while some are completely free!

    1. Osaka – Illumi-Night Banpaku Xmas


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    Even from the name, we can easily understand that the event is held in December. One area of Banpaku park gets decorated with illumination displays. In addition to displays, there are also short interesting 3D-mapping projections on the famous “Tower of the Sun”. I personally found this show really interesting. The entrance fee to the park is not expensive, and stands at just 250 yen. This event is held at Banpaku Park, which is just a few minutes walk from the Banpaku Kinen Koen monorail station.

    Illumi-Night Banpaku Xmas

    2. Osaka – Abeno Tennoji Iluminage


    This illumination event is special because unlike others, it focuses on being Japan-themed. This event is held at Tennoji Park and can be easily accessed from Tennoji station. Enjoy illumination displays of lanterns, ships and samurais around the park. You can also get to observe the lit up Tsutenkaku at the background well. The entrance fee to the event is 1000 yen, a little pricey. However, since the Japan-themed displays can hardly be seen elsewhere, I guess the pricing is all right.

    beno Tennoji Iluminage

    3. Osaka Castle 3D Projection Mapping (cancelled for 2015)

    During this event, you can enjoy the combination of illumination, 3D mapping projections and the night view of Osaka castle all at the same time. The illumination displays will take place in the Nishinomaru garden. The highlight of this event would be the 3D projections on the Osaka castle itself. You would have the rare opportunity to see the castle covered in different sceneries and engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, I heard that they are not holding the event (2015). Maybe they will have it next year again!

    4. Osaka Kaiyukan (Aquarium) Illumination


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    This event takes place right in front of the aquarium area. The theme for the displays are sea creatures which fits perfectly with the location of this event. To reach this place, take the train to the Osakako station. From there, it is just another 5-10 minutes walk to the aquarium. There are also some illumination displays inside the aquarium but payment would be required to see them. This event is absolutely free!

    Osaka Kaiyukan (Aquarium) Illumination

    5. Osaka Hikari-Renaissance and Midosuji illumination

    Another recommended free must-see illumination event is held around the Osaka City Hall. The Osaka Hikar-Renaissance event’s lit-up displays can be seen from the Osaka City Hall area all the way to Nakanoshima Park.

    As for Midosuji Illumination, the whole stretch of Midosuji street (around 4kms) is decorated with various illuminations. This illumination had even won the Guinness World of Records in 2014 for being the street with the highest number of decorative illuminations.

    So, why not check it out for yourself? You can take a nice stroll along the streets while enjoying the beautiful illuminations as well!

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