Interact with Namie Amuro in her video “Golden Touch!”

  • The song Golden Touch is a promotional single of Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵)’s 12th studio album called _genic. Namie Amuro released a creative interactive music video befitting of the song title where users are asked to place a fingertip on the designated circle at the centre of the music video throughout the song. The result is a pretty fun adventure and experience.

    The viewer gets to pop balloons, mess up a stack of carefully arranged cards, shatter glasses, light up candles, turn on switches, adjust sunglasses, and many more using just one finger in this interactive video. My favorite has got to be the one where you get to peep through the blinds and catch a pig mascot and a fox mascot in action:

    Or this part where a unicorn turns into two people with your touch:

    And this moment where you get to stop a karate chop with your finger:

    Namie and her record label sought the help of Masashi Kawamura who is creative lab PARTY’s founder and Kenji Yamashita who is LOGAN’s director to create a music video which is different from what she had done previously. The team was given complete freedom on creativity and decided to base the video on virtual optical illusion techniques. The inspiration of the video comes from zefrank, a Youtube user who was said to be the first to highlight this style on Internet videos. The Canadian advertisement of Skittles also employed a similar technique.

    The project took three months to complete. The music video was designed to be vibrantly colorful so that users can easily track what they are touching in the music video. The Golden Touch video is a good and effective marketing stunt and it is received positively by the Western media. The song is not shabby either! The Creative Review which is a United Kingdom’s site listed the Golden Touch video as one of the music videos of the month.

    Did you have fun with the interactive video? I definitely want to see more of such videos! There is also a newly edited version which features more of Namie Amuro that you can check out.

    Namie Amuro Official Website*Japanese Only

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