4 Facts You Need to Know about Flawless Japanese Skin

  • Some of us have the notion that the skin of Japanese women is infallible due to their amazing skin condition and believe that they are genetically blessed. The truth is, Japanese women are just really good at taking care of their skin inside and out. These are some facts about Japanese or Asian skin in general as compared to Caucasian skin:

    1. Asians tend to have a thicker dermal layer with a higher amount of collagen

    The saying that Asians don’t raisin actually boils down to this fact. Asians tend to wrinkle less due to a thicker dermal layer!

    2. Asians have a thinner stratum corneum

    While Asians have a thicker dermal layer, they have a thinner outer layer of the skin! This makes Asian skin more susceptible to scarring and dryness due to the weaker barrier function that causes moisture to evaporate easily. Besides that, Asian skin is also more sensitive to environmental factors and chemicals.

    3. Asians are more prone to developing pigmentation in their early twenties

    The higher melanin content in Asian skin is a double-aged sword. While it helps to protect against photo-damage, it also increases the tendency to develop pigmentation-related problems such as freckles. This is why Japanese women are so dedicated about protecting their skin from the sun!

    4. Asian skin produces more oil

    Asians have more sebaceous glands which cause more oil production that lead to slower aging but also contribute to a higher risk of acne-prone skin. Say what?! But I have not seen any Japanese women with a serious acne problem! This goes to show that genetics can only contribute so much, as you can prevent or solve skin problems through efforts!

    Every woman wishes to have beautiful skin like most Japanese women have. The list above shows that Japanese skin has its inherent flaws as well. The reason they manage to control and defy the flaws of their genetics pretty much depends on their efforts such as good skincare products and a healthy lifestyle.

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